• This is an excellent plugin, reliable, easy to install and use, with prompt support, and fit for purpose.
    Whatever the subject of your website, if you are looking for a quick, easy way to add content (from related websites) to bring your readers back, this is it. I’m a writer and a self-publisher, so RSS is better than sex. It makes it possible to add (syndicate) content, respecting copyrights, from other websites.
    If you are multi-lingual, they claim it is integrated with WPML, though I’ve not tested this yet.
    A French-language publisher has offered me regular, free articles (posts), if I translate them into English and attribute them to him. He uses WordPress. So I intend to obtain certain of his posts by RSS, then translate them, using WPML, and then publish them in English, monthly. The Pro version is required for this, but the basic version is good enough for now.
    By the way, syndicated content is not new. It goes back to “newsreaders” and usenet years ago. Also, be aware that some websites have disabled RSS feeds of their new posts. Also, not all RSS feeds are valid, but this plugin includes a function to validate the feed before publishing it.
    I thank the developer and wish him a long, healthy, prosperous life.
    My website is just a hobby for now, but this plugin gives my readers a reason to come back.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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