• I had planned to try this plugin for a long time.
    The opportunity was given on an auction website that is really heavy (although it is quite optimized)
    And wham!!!, with only the free version of FDP and a configuration of about 60 minutes I managed to get Google’s PS to go from 73 to 90, and the website has really changed and it is much lighter, loading better each time section.
    It’s not difficult to use, but I recommend testing each section of the site well in each change made with the plugin.
    A problem that I found (which is easy to solve) is that when using WPML, the first time you load the pages, the plugin does not show all the ones there are, but by touching the flags of each language, they do appear complete. We don’t know if it’s a plugin error or if it’s just programmed that way, hopefully José will review it.
    Either way I decided to try a license, this plugin is really worth it. Thanks for the free version!

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