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    Have been using Kadence theme and Kadence blocks to build my website for almost half a year now. I have been using their free services all this time. Despite being free, the essential blocks given are very useful and very stable. I only had to add 2 other block plugins to add more functionality: one is UAG for their quote block and PostX for their highly customizable post grids & post lists. These blocks are available in Kadence blocks free version but they lack some customizations that I needed. Despite saying that, what they have provided is more than enough for a fully featured website to be built.

    Although KadenceWP provided good free plugins, I must give the highest praise to their customer support. Despite their website stating that the support provided for free users are limited, the support team at times went well above the limitations to help me with my issues. I shall describe the most recent incident to highlight how excellent the customer support from Kadence WP is:

    I had a problem with the download button from Kadence blocks and the WordPress ‘File’ block as they could not download image files and kept opening the images in the browser. Even after checking the ‘Download’ checkbox in the ‘Advanced Button’ block, it did not work. This was regardless if the image file was hosted in a 3rd-party server or within WordPress itself.

    I had a few email correspondences with the KadenceWP support team and they tried their best to help me resolve the issue but to no avail. Finally, I managed to resolve the issue myself. However, I could not have done it without viewing the steps that the KadenceWP support team had gone through to help me.

    It may seem like a small issue but it really enhances my visitors’ experience. Many of them are older folks who are not tech savvy, so if I had to give instructions for them to right click or long press then press download to download the file, it would deter a lot of them and they would have a bad impression about the website. I hope to give my visitors as frictionless an experience as possible.

    Once again, I want to give my heartfelt thanks to the support team for providing the assistance. Really appreciate the support that KadenceWP has provided for free users. It is much more than other plugins/software/services and I am really grateful. As I’m doing a community website and I have no budget, I can only continue to use KadenceWP’s free services until I have sufficient donations from my visitors. Then, I will definitely purchase the premium package from KadenceWP. This is not only for their plugin’s quality, but also for their excellent customer support.

    This is not a sponsored review and I have nothing to gain from this. I just want to express my gratitude towards the service provided by KadenceWP and their hardworking and knowledgeable support team. I am writing this review in hopes that more people will read about the qualities of KadenceWP and use their products. For now, I can only do this tiny bit for them.

    Please keep up the good work!

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    Hi @lioioil,
    Thank you for taking the time to leave a review! Since the beginning of Kadence we have made it our goal to provide quality customer support for all our of products, even the free ones. It really is our joy to help. So glad you’re enjoying Kadence!

    All the best,

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