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  • This plugin works well as described and compared to alternatives, so 5 stars.

    Being able to adjust default settings is important to match themes particularly for upgrading existing sites. Kudos for including this. However, this feature needs improvement:

    1. Theme colors are not given as options. This makes setting the default colors a PIA. (Particularly for those of us who have gone to the trouble to set these.)

    2. It would be a LOT easier and much more visual if there was a “make this the default” box/button in the Gutenberg button sidebar.

    3. Finally, it would be helpful for developers if there was a mechanism to import/export the customized defaults.

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  • Hey,
    Thanks for posting!

    1. I’m not sure I know what you mean here. When I go into the block controls anytime I want to choose a color the color palette is available. That color palette is/can be defined by the theme. Are you talking about something else?

    2. Yes, I agree and am working on it 🙂

    3. Yes, this is part of the plan as well.

    Thanks for the ultra-fast reply Ben!

    On #1, when I go to Settings -> Kadence Blocks -> Advanced Button (settings) the various color defaults offer a color selector but not any of my theme colors. Whereas, when I actually use the button on a page my theme colors are available for selection. Is this just me (my environment is not vanilla)?

    On #2 and #3, super!

    Thank you for your work and for sharing this.

    ah, so we are updating all that, controls are being moved into Gutenberg.

    Click on the three dots in the top right corner while in the editor then click on “kadence blocks controls”.

    That is eventually were all the defaults, as well as block settings visibility, will live.

    Hi.. +1! 😀

    Being able to set default styling for most if not all block options is absolutely crucial. If I layout a pretty advanced block, say, like the accordion, with all its options regarding colors, paddings, typography and whatnot – I really can’t go over all those options again on the next accordion I use.

    Imagine having hundreds of posts, and you find out some layout setting works poorly on iPhone5 – you really need to be able to tweak those settings globally.

    I’ve yet to come across a Gutenberg Block plugin that features that – so there’s your opportunity Ben 😉


    Hey @oldrup
    Thanks for posting!

    I’ve been adding more and more block defaults into the Kadenece Block Controls in Gutenberg. The accordion is there and you can define the block defaults.

    I’m not sure how globally editing blocks would be possible, the only way this can currently be done is through reusable blocks. In the situation, you describe with “hundreds of posts and something not working on iphone5” I would suggest tweaking with CSS at that point and not trying to edit each block.

    By setting the defaults you define what a new blocks settings are when they are added to a page/post but once that block is on the page it’s disconnected from any of the controls because it’s saved as content in the page.


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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