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    My wife is a professional photographer and we had her Blogger blog migrated to WordPress 3.5.1 recently. That’s when I noticed that her image filenames were a nightmare! IMG0462215.jpg, pic+123, blog-vertical532, etc.

    When we set out to rename her nearly 1000 images manually, we almost fainted – so we looked for a WP plugin to bulk rename the images. We either found plugins that weren’t updated frequently or ones that did not update the URL of each image on the post, which meant we would have to go back and manually update all the links on the corresponding posts….Nightmare #2. Then we found the Media Rename plugin (cheering!!!).

    After we installed it on the latest WP 3.5, we ran into some issues with the plugin not updating the URL’s correctly on some posts after the images were renamed in bulk. Before we downgraded our version of WordPress (as others professionals had recommended), we contacted the plugin developer. He was extremely helpful and quick to make the necessary changes on the code in order to make the plugin work flawlessly. He even added an additional option to not only “Rename” the file, but also to “Rename & Retitle,” which allows you to not only update the actual file name, but also to update the title of the file’s attachment page to match the keywords used on the name itself. Awesome!

    Even though the plugin allows for the renaming of individual image files, for our needs, the POWER is in the ability to rename files in the media library in bulk. The bulk rename feature of the plugin is now working perfectly. In conclusion, this little Media Rename plugin has saved us at least a week and a half of time – just picturing having to do all of this manually…NOOOOOOO!!!!!

    We recommend this to any photographer out there or any WordPress site out there that has to rename files in bulk like we did.

    Thank you Georgi for making this work. You deserve our two donations and MANY, MANY more. Godspeed to you and your programming career.

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