• Nice plugin! Fast translations and user friendly. No conflicts even I have several plugin installed. Though, the url (slug) translations, on the paid version, from Greek are not working and the support is responding with delay.

    I tried several translator plugins and with some of them I faced conflicts, some of them didn’t work properly, and some of them were missing functions that I wanted. This plugin has some nice functions. I like the ability to send customized emails depending on chosen language.

    Two things thing that I would love to see on such great plugin, would be to have the ability to display all languages in one row menu (beyond menus, where this function IS available), so all of the available languages will be displayed at the same time. Additionally, I would love to have the opportunity to choose from more available places for the language switcher (instead of the menus and the drop down menu that are available now). It can be done now, but needs some work in coding and CSS. I think is important, so visitors would know which languages are available.

    Keep up the great work! 🙂

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