• I can’t believe how easy the premium theme is to use and how it has everything I was looking for (in addition to all of its other features):

    -Sticky menu
    -Edit header to size you want, footer (can also edit full width or not, the barcode font can be changed, probably on the free version too)
    -Edit the menu to how you want it, including width.
    -Edit fonts, colors and sizes
    -Edit links (some WP themes have no color on their links – That eliminated them)
    -Edit colors behind the widgets and body
    -Set heading sizes & fonts
    -Background image for entire body and just for posts or widgets
    -Second navigation menu under the header (which is what I specifically wanted)
    -Top navigation menu (color can be changed)
    -Sidebars you can modify.

    Plus it is ecommerce friendly for when I get to that point. The Demo looks really nice, and I will probably use some features from it I hadn’t planned on. I hadn’t known what Elementor was and how nice of pages it creates.

    I spent THREE DAYS scouring all of the themes in Softaculous and at WP.org. Most are have options but can be hard to customize, you have to scour the web trying to find CSS to modify them that then doesn’t work.

    What a RELIEF to find just what I’m looking for and very customizable. The company responded to my question about customizing the header in a day. Two other companies I contacted I have not heard back from as of this writing. WPKOI’s themes are inexpensive, they offer lifetime updates, and their website is very helpful about implementing the theme.

    I am moving from Blogger and frankly just about all of the WP themes are far harder to use and offer fewer customization, font, color, style options compared to Blogger. (Yes WP has has the ecommerce and other options, but Blogger is SO easy to use). Blogger has a 10 minute learning curve, and the colors, styles are very easy to modify. WPKOI has the only theme I found that give me the customization that I want. The free theme gave me just about everything I wanted, the paid added the rest.

    And then I go to buy the premium — and he’s got the easiest checkout I’ve ever used, and they only charge 1% (Unfortunately not available in the US). Then he is using a system that automatically sets up an account for you, so I will have to ask him more about this plugin.

    I have to move from Google because I don’t trust them – if you’re against pedophilia, you’re out.

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