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    This is a fantastic plugin. I use it in conjunction with the “SLM Woo Addon” and “Software License Manager” plugins to send emails to users whose license is about to expire. I have no connection to Chris Page or Motocom and therefore have no hesitation in recommending you make a donation for this plugin (see link at bottom right of Cronjob Scheduler).

    If you think this plugin is not working I suggest you do the following:

    1. Install the “Code Snippets” plugin by Shea Bunge and add the following snippet:
    // Test cronjob created by Chris Page
    add_action(‘cronjob_test’, function () {
    file_put_contents(WP_CONTENT_DIR . ‘/.test.txt’, “\nHit at ” . date(‘Ymd-His’), FILE_APPEND);

    2. In the Cronjob Scheduler, which is in Settings, create an Action and name it “cronjob_test” with a run time of once every minute.

    3. Create a file, .test.txt (including the dot at the start of the filename), in your wp-content folder.

    4. Start the snippet and check if information is being written to .test.txt:
    e.g. Hit at 20170601-110444

    5. If the file is empty, note the information in “Plugin Details” (bottom right of Cronjob Scheduler). In particular that you need a cronjob that runs every minute. If you don’t know how to set up a cronjob, contact your ISP.

    6. Remember to stop the Code Snippets cronjob if “Hit at …” is being written to the .test.txt file.

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