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  • This works on 4.0 despite not having been updated for a while.

    While the documentation is a bit underwhelming for something that is going to mess with your database, and therefore a bit intimidating, it does EXACTLY what it says it does.

    I run a site that is constantly attacked by spammers, so we have to moderate registrations and posts – the community members can create their own posts – and we have nearly six hundred active writers. Since we have to moderate after registration because some spammers are getting clever in their trying to get under our RADAR, we can’t allow even known, trusted users with over 1000 posts to do anything but drafts (sure wish I could figure a way around that with the theme we are using!). So, sometimes we have dozens or even scores of posts to approve, and once we approve them through the Post panel using a plugin that allows us to change them from draft to publish right there instead of opening and publishing each draft, the permalink gets stuck on the date of the post…which winds up listing even hundreds of posts if it has been an active day when someone just wants to look at the one post they clicked the title for.

    With this plugin, it’s all fixed with literally one click. The permalinks get retitled using the post name, and I save lots of time and the users get a better site that is much more SEO compliant.

    I’ve been a user of WP since version 1.2, and have done scores of sites in WP, using hundreds f not thousands of plugins from simple to complex, style to ecommerce. I have NEVER written a review since I host all my own sites and I never had cause to use the interface. I created a login specifically so I could write this review and give it an enthusiastic 5 stars.

    Just wow! I’m confident enough now doing this renaming process regularly that I don’t even backup my site more than when the host does it automatically.

    This plugin does what it says, nothing more and nothing less, and it is not confusing or full of jargon, doesn’t cost a cent, bug you for upgrading or donating with a bunch of advertising on the pluging page…everything you want in a community supported system. It works so well you WANT to donate and give a review.


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