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  • I have a website created in WordPress and would like to put an excel sheet on one page, so that a site visitor can enter different numbers and gives the sheet different outcomes.
    The excel sheet is ready and exists but from 1 worksheet. The visitors may only enter the sheet and may not, of course, download, the sheet. After leaving the page must display the worksheet to the starting position.
    NB in the sheet is also a chart, which is based on the entered numbers of the visitors.

    WordPress provides here not in, not even through a plugin.
    Is this possible with a converter to PhP etc., or how can I best deal with this?
    see here for a sample:


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  • If you really want to embed a spreadsheet, I think your only option will be a Google Drive Spreadsheet.

    That said, I am seeing nothing at the link you posted, so I don’t really know what it is that your are trying to achieve.

    If I was dealing with a situation similar to yours, however, I would simply create a form that runs the calculations using JS/jQuery to make the calculations. Embedding a spreadsheet will cause unnecessary overhead.

    Thanks for your answer. (sorry for my bad English)
    I will clarify my question: I have created a site (about investing with options) in WordPress, I have also created a spreadsheet in excel, which you as an visitor of my site can create all kinds of computational capabilities option.
    I have a picture of this excel spreadsheet put on
    I would like to add my spreadsheet in my WP site, on an attached page, so a new site visitor can enter a few numbers and a result is visible on the screen, along with a chart (similar to the image).
    A visitor may not have the possibility to download the spreadsheet, through (Live en Google) cloud is not done!
    I have understood, that WP is not usable to place direct an Excel sheet on a page.
    My question: should I programm my excel sheet in HTML and then add the code again in HTML in a WP page?

    should I convert the spreadsheet to PHP, then download a PHP plugin in WP, and then add the worksheet in the PHP PHP plugin?

    Who can help me, who gives me advice?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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