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  • Hi,

    I need help with a couple of things on my wordpress installation, i have googled alot but doesn’t seem to find my answers.
    What I want to create is an exams page and once passed the exam a badge will be showed on the user profile, all in front end. I don’t know if below is doable with WP or if i should look into another solution but i would appriciate any kind of help…

    So this is how it would work, you browse to the WP site, and the first thing you see is a login screen, you need to signup in order to get access to the WPsite, once that is done depending on what role the user have he would see different things (classes & tests) on the menu, and he will have a “my profile” link as well where his profile is showing with which tests he/she have passed.

    On top of below I would need some kind of document library where managers can add documents and edit documents I would prefer google docs so managers can edit docs in realtime

    I know I might require a couple of plugins, but i would appriciate any kind of help here, or this is maybe not doable with wordpress, what do you guys say?

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  • There are free plugins this one to add fields to the user profile, but you would need to look at how you make some fields only visible to admins.

    Then the wp-download-monitor may do for your docuemnt library, using links to google docs would allow for the editing outside of WordPress

    That gets you 80% there, then a bit of coding, if you cannot code then hire someone to finish off!

    Or there are paid membership plugins like magic members that might work well, but at $97!



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