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  • I’m researching the possibility of using WordPress to drive a content site for a client. Might you have a favorite example or two of a site where WP is being used but doesn’t look like a traditional blog site? Thanks.

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  • I run a political thinktank website using WordPress, and I wanted it to look a bit non-bloggy and a bit more news-site/magazine like.

    You can have a look here:


    It’s based on a free theme:


    although somewhat modified by me.

    It can arguably still be made even less bloggy by adding more elements, e.g. animated gif or flash banners etc.

    Earlier I used

    this look

    based on another free theme:

    Apathy by Perishable Press

    but modified almost beyond all recognition. (There are no images in the screen-dump, which makes it look a bit dull, but threw in the same anount of pics as in my current design, and it gets a lot nicer.)

    As for the debate about why try to make WordPress look like something else than a blog, I fully support the view that WordPress is by far the easiest CMS-system to run, manage and modify. To step up to something like Joomla if all you want is a less bloggy look really is overkill. Note that I’m not saying Joomla is not a good CMS-system (especially considering it’s free), just that very many of us not need the fancy stuff and do not want to put in the hours/days/months it takes to master the back-end.

    /Mats D

    I agree with many of the comments here that WordPress is a perfectly adequate CMS for small websites. Once you’ve mastered templating and navigation systems using pages, you can take it right out of the realms of a blog altogether. And if you later decide to add a blog to your site, you essentially get it it free. Well, it’s free already, but you know what I mean… 🙂

    Here’s a site I recently designed and built that uses WP as it’s CMS. Not a blog in sight! It uses the NAVT plugin (which is excellent) to handle the navigation and the Next generation gallery for the homepage slideshow and the gallery pages. Some use of custom fields too. I designed the look and feel and the theme and customised the templates to allow sub-page includes which the client can edit without breaking the design.

    Hi guys,
    I use WordPress to run this online magazine on Cebu Island. (This site previously used the Nautica-magazine theme which I released earlier and which was discussed here earlier).

    The new design still needs a lot of work, though, but I will be releasing the theme later. If you’re adventurous, you can do an anonymous svn checkout of the theme. If you have suggestions, please leave a comment in my short post on using WordPress as CMS.

    WordPress can definitely be customized to be like a general content managed site that doesn’t look like a blog.

    Here is an example of one that I created:

    here is another one:

    I think my main site,, definitely doesn’t look like a traditional WP blog site.

    It’s not even used as a blog (no comments or user registration), the links to blog posts actually come from my blog install while this is a separate install that handles my main site only.

    This is a unique use of wordpress.

    this is a great thread! some very good examples!

    talk about working backwards. i have about two years of content and just put this up a few days ago because i did not know how to put it together. this is a start but i can’t solve the “archives” problem. since this site is so visual the archives need to be visual (the thumbnails would be enough) and it would help if the archives could be organized by date, category, maybe even tags. anyone have any ideas?



    I reckon my new website manages to avoid looking like a typical blog. It’s only just been finished and uses wordpress as a custom CMS for hosting my portfolio. Lemme know what you think

    Link to Quirksmode website




    thats very pretty — but it looks like a blog, quirks .. still pretty though.

    The “Ford” site doesn’t show correctly under Linux/Firefox.

    The “Wingee” site’s frontpage would never suggest it were a WP site. Only when clicking further on.

    A friend of mine runs a Mlog (music log site or something), I don’t know if that still looks like a “blog site”

    If I need a CMS (instead of a blog system), I use phpNuke and mod it. WP is not really a CMS, although developments and add-ons tend to push it into that direction.

    I do have a WP based site, but I won’t dare to post its URL here because it really does look like a “blog” 😉

    To give a WP site a non-“blog” looks, the outside, perhps considerable theming needs to be done. But the inside functions will always remain the same. And recognizable.

    The FreeSwell Studios website uses WordPress but isn’t a blog.

    Do you mean just non-blogs powered by WordPress, or blogs powered by WordPress that don’t look like typical blogs?

    The Ford site does look awesome. If only their vehicles looked that much better than other cars they’d be in business.

    When I find a site powered by WordPress that I like, I tag it on my

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