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    Most of the cool stuff on this site is done from scratch or using free plugins.

    Only paid plugins are the intuit payment gateway and UPS shipping method (which doesn’t get much use) and the google products feed (which there’s now a free option for that)

    Theme is a custom design starting from the roots framework. From what I’ve seen from just the free themes woothemes has, they’re very easy to use and have lots of options, and being responsive out of the box is really nice as well.

    Wow, your store looks amazing. It doesn’t even look like wordpress! I’m going to probably have to buy some extensions and a theme as well if I go this route. I tried out Magento and I didn’t understand any of it.

    Good job and thanks for sharing!

    bheadrick, nice site! This probably sounds like a dumb question, but how did you add the cart link / image to the top navigation so that it updates depending on the items added to it?

    great site bheadrick … Im new to emcommerce on wordpress and thinking of using WC plugin paypal pro. Anyone used this? or have a live example to share?


    oh, how does the coupon code work?

    I’m a bit confused with the “It doesn’t even look like wordpress” comment above. WordPress sites don’t “look like” anything, they can be whatever you design, hence I don’t really understand what the comment is referring to? Any chance of clarification on that?

    Wordpress CAN be whatever you design, but there is a classic WordPress blog look that a lot of WordPress themes have by default – especially the free ones. Just do a Google search for “make WordPress look like a website” and you’ll see several articles about how to customize your WordPress site so that it doesn’t “look like wordpress”. It IS a thing.

    That’s like saying a blank piece of paper “has a look”. Yes it does, until you actually create something.

    that’s an absurd analogy, not to mention entirely irrelevant to the topic.

    I don’t agree.

    And if you thought my comment was irrelevant please ignore it, I was simply curious what was meant by the comment I referred to. Besides that, I wasn’t even directing the question to you.

    @bheadrick this is what I meant. I’ve been told by prospective employers that my sites don’t “look like WordPress”. But what I meant in my comment was that the site doesn’t look like a blog or anything.

    Ahh, now it makes a little more sense. Though I would say that hopefully most WP developers are not creating sites that look just like a blog. I haven’t done one of those for 5 years, and I certainly hold to my view that nowadays there’s really no such thing as a WordPress “look”. Maybe years ago, but not now.

    yeah, I just read what I typed and it didn’t make sense, it was early and hadn’t had my coffee yet 🙂

    bheadrick, nice looking site.

    Is that the Intuit payment gateway plugin from CodeCanyon you are referring to. I have been looking at that and wanting to test it out. Have you had any issues with it? Thanks.

    Yes, from code canyon. No issues at all. More than I can sui about the PayPal gateway

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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