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  • I’ve tried them all, nothing works.

    Thank you, at least I know it’s not me. 🙂 I would really like to use this plugin.

    This plugin is really exciting but I can’t work out how to get it to work.

    I tried making a shortcode say :
    [cat=”category-slug”] using a grid products category and nothing happened, what am I doing wrong?


    I’ve figured out why it does not work. Technically it works, but only if you use cart66 and add products their way via their new “Products” sidebar in the back-end. This makes the post type
    ‘post_type’ => ‘grid_products’,

    99% of the people add cart66 products the normal way via posts, and using the default wordpress post_type.

    So this plugin will be handy for someone who just installed cart66.


    Ok I have Cart66 installed.
    The “Add Cart66 Shortcodes” dialogue box in the grid products products post type does not work for me. I can click the cart66 button in the editor but it is empty so I can’t add the product shortcodes.

    I can add products by copying and pasting the shortcode from regular posts.

    Next [cat=”category-slug”] is this correct, I could say write [cat=”category-shoes”].

    Next Once I have the shortcode where do I place it in a page a post or a Grid products add product post type.

    For me as a cart66 user this plugin has great potential if I could get it to work.

    Is there some code that has to be added somehwere else?

    Seb Syd,

    Are you planning to have a lot of products? as in hundreds or thousands?
    If not just go to “Products” on the side bar, and add a new product the same way you would have when you went to Post >> Add new.

    Then give it a category, “shoes” for example.
    The shortcode would be [cat=”shoes”]

    If you dont know the category slugs (names), search for it in the backend.

    And btw, you should paste that shortcode on a new PAGE, so that that new page would display all the post from shoes

    Can you get it to work with ‘eShop’? I don’t want to pay for a full blown ecommerce plugin… only have a few items to sell.

    I just figured it out. Your shortcode should be [product] with the other options added as necessary e.g. [products cat=”shoes”] etc, not sure why the developers didn’t just make that basic point themselves. Hmph. Anyways, great product now it works thank you 🙂

    actually e.g. [product cat=”shoes”]

    Plugin Contributor ModDish


    Sorry guys wrote this for a client, and posted for others to use quickly

    the shortcode needs to start with [product] all the others are ” shorcode options” and should be added to the original shortcode :


    [product cat=”whatever”]

    Plugin Contributor ModDish


    also cart66 is not needed, it will work stand alone, and is compatible with cart66 for easy layouts of your products. also works with several other wordpress shopping carts.


    I did use this using the shortcodes like [product] for grid

    and product view=”list”] for list view…

    I wanted to ask if we can make a button or link so that the user can switch between the grid and list view… also wanted to check if we can use the same button method to give them to sort between particular categories or so… all on a single page…

    May be some one has done it with php or ajax use… please help…

    Thanks for all the help in advance

    Plugin Contributor ModDish


    The world is your playground lol 🙂 you can do whatever you like with the code to make it function as you wish. you would need to modify the short code to support the buttons and the switch code, the other you would need to add sort to the sql quury etc. If I ever get a free minute I may circle back to add some more things in but right now and for the foreseeable future im flat out with work.

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