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    Would you provide some links to websites that use S2Member so that one may see it in action from a front end perspective.

    I have a client who would like their members to be able to upload photos with descriptions and downloadable pdfs for their own customers that show on their own member pages.

    On your plugin area have a I found a plethora of great instruction and examples the back end, but not what how it translates or renders on the front end for a non-member visitor.

    btw, I’m very impressed with all the indepth, great information you provide for backend install and configuration.



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  • tipsuk.net uses s2member

    L J


    Thank you Ryan. I need more than what tipsuk.net shows.

    I’d like to see a membership roll, showing the members on the front side once someone is logged in, or better yet, not logged in. I’d like to see how those member lists render. Then once clicked on a member, what does the subsequent listing look like. Can it show photos, more than one photo? Descriptions of those photos?

    Again, the plugin developer had gone to great lengths to show how to administrate the software, but I’m having no luck finding examples of how it displays and renders to web visitors.

    Thanks so much!

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