• Q: Which of the following methods can be used to display a static page as the home page?

    1.Using the wp-staticpage plug-in
    2.Creating a page and then setting it as the home page
    3.Static page cannot be displayed in wordpress

    Answer me plz.

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  • Q: ——— is a good way to improve the performance of a WordPress blog.

    1. Disabling image upload
    2. Wnabling cache
    3. Inatalling the “Wp super cache” plug-in
    Answer me plz.

    Q: The WordPress loop can be used ————–

    1. Retrieving any data in wordpress
    2. Displaying each post
    3. Only for calculation
    4. All of the abpve

    Answer me plz.

    Q: Which of the following options are true regarding Plug-ins in WordPress?

    1.Plug-ins can be used to eliminate spam
    2.Plug-ins can be used to integrate a wordpress blog with a forum
    3.Plug-ins can be used to integrate Twitter with a wordpress blog.
    4.Plug-ins can be used to embed javascript in a wordpress blog.
    5.All of the above

    Answer me plz.

    Q: Which of the following features are not supported by WordPress 2.8?

    1.A WordPress blog can be used as a Content Management System (CMS).
    2.You can manage multiple sites from one WordPress installation.
    3.Support for shortlinks
    4.All of the above

    Answer me plz.

    Q: Which of the following role levels has the highest privilege?

    3.Depends on your settings
    4.Every role level has the same privilege

    Answer me plz.

    Q: Using ——— is a good way to ensure that a WordPress site is indexed by search engines.

    1.a sitemap
    3.a widget

    Answer me plz.

    Q: In which of the following ways can user add a dropdown menu to a WordPress site?

    1. By changing the config file.
    2. By usign a plug-in
    3. Dropsown menus cannot be added to WordPress sites
    4. all of the above

    Q: You want to schedule a backup of your site database but do not have enough permission to access your host. Which of the following choices can help you perform this task?

    1.Use phpMyAdmin
    2.Install “wp database backup” plug-in
    3.Use cron job to schedule.
    4.Cannot schedule

    Answer me plz.

    Q: A plug-in must be used in order to allow users to post flash of multimedia files.

    1. True
    2. False
    Answer me Plz



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