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  • I am looking for a plugin that can do a little more that Wander’s WP-Exam plugin. I have a cool script that I like, though, and wonder if some one can hack it to maks a plugin, with all the look/feel of my WordPress site.

    * I want to be able to create the exam in the backend.
    Text, Radio, Checkboxes all available.
    * I want to generate a real “grade” in percentage, not
    just pass/fail like WP-Exam.
    * I want to be able to make it where only registered users
    can take the exam.
    * I want to be able to store the results in a table
    for review from the backend.
    * I want the results to optionally be emailed to a
    designated address.

    The script I have that I REALLY like so far is phpQuest. But it is no longer supported, cannot even get a valid download link anymore. I have a copy of the code on my server and would be willing to share it with a plugin developer.

    The plugin is for a silly website, but I can see practical uses for this type of plugin on other, more reality based WordPress sites.

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  • I want the same thing with many of the features you listed, except no need for the grading, because I would use it for a Reader Survey. I want the options like Checkboxes (choose as many as apply), Radio buttons (choose 1 from the list), and OTHER: Fill in The Blank. And being able to view the compiled/tabular results in the backend.

    Have been seeking this kind of plugin for quite a while, tried a couple plugins, nothing’s quite there yet. ?


    I did find a clean copy of phpQuest. It’s like two years old and not in development anymore. If someone could make phpQuest into a WordPress plugin, that’d be awesome.

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