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    I have read through the instructions for setting WP up to post via email. I have come as far as setting up an email address/account, putting the info into WordPress.

    It then says I need to put some <iframe> code into the footer.php file in the theme I am using. It specified that it should not be enclosed by an HTML tag.

    Exactly where I am supposed to put this code? I am sort of new on this, so will need some more specific instructions. There are already code on the page of course, so where exactly should this <iframe> code goes?

    This is what’s already on the file:

    $content = ob_get_clean();
    echo parse_template(art_page_template(), art_page_variables(array(‘content’=> $content)));
    <div id=”wp-footer”>
    <?php wp_footer(); ?>
    <!– <?php printf(__(‘%d queries. %s seconds.’, ‘kubrick’), get_num_queries(), timer_stop(0, 3)); ?> –>

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  • it says not to enclose it in an html paragraph… as in inside of <p></p> tags

    Test it above and below that final div

    Tested this, it should be after the div. Thanks!

    The next question is – is there a way I can add:
    (1) formatting, just simple bold and italics to one line, and
    (2) A hyperlink?

    I need both of these to make the post complete.

    Please help again!

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