• I had been struggling to find a workflow method which let me use Adobe Lightroom to edit my pictures, then manage them into Galleries I could display in WordPress. I also wanted to manage captions/titles / image edits – deletions – insertions from my laptop, not from WordPress. I didn’t want to use WordPress libraries or folders

    Everything I tried had one problem or another.

    Photonic is the perfect solution for me.

    My workflow is;
    Edit images in Adobe Lightroom
    Use Smugmug to host the images
    Use the Smugmug/Lightroom plugin to create Folders and Galleries in Smugmug and publish
    and re-synchronise all from Lightroom
    Use Photonic to display the Smugmug Gallery

    Any changes I make to images or gallery content or metadata changes is all done from Lightroom and cascaded to Smugmug / Worpress with the Lightroom/Smugmug Plugin.

    Great job

    Many thanks

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