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    Hello, I have a quick question.

    Here’s what ewww explains its lazy load does:

    When used with the ExactDN and WebP features, the plugin will load the best available image size and format for each device.

    I’m using the WebP option of ewww, not ExactDN, I have some questions:

    • AO lazy loads the best image size and format as ewww does?
    • If not can I use ewww lazy load and, at the same time, check Shortpixel CDN and load WebP in supported browsers? leaving your lazy load unchecked? Will it work with a lazy load other than yours?
    • If I use Shortpixel CDN for images do I need to setup parameters, enabling CDN support of WP Supercache?
    • Also there’s another question about DNS lookups, despite adding the servers in your preconnect domains field GTMetrix still reports that I need to reduce lookups to them. Did I inserted the domains correctly? I have them like this:,,,etc.
      Do I need to insert spaces after each comma perhaps?

    Many thanks for your help Mr. Goossens.

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    • AO indeed loads webp or jpeg depending on browser support
    • If you want to use the integrated shortpixel in Autoptimize (with webp support), you won’t be able to use ewww lazy load, no.
    • The shortpixel CDN requires no extra parameters/ settings, just tick the option in AO
    • preconnecting does not do away with DNS lookups, it just tries to tell the browser to do so earlier

    hope this clarifies,

    Many thanks for your support and the great work you’re doing. Have a great day.

    Plugin Author Optimizing Matters


    you’re welcome, feel free to leave a review of the plugin and support here! 🙂

    I’ve just written it. By the way, yesterday I activated the Shortpixel CDN of Autoptimize, it has improved metric scores but I’m getting ridiculously long times for the pictures to load. I’m testing with GTMetrix from US and Chrome but I’m going to have to deactivate it if it adds +50s to every page. Is this normal or will improve in time?

    Here’s an image to the report.

    Plugin Author Optimizing Matters


    some feedback:
    * whatever I write below, +50s fully loaded is too much
    * images are optimized on the shortpixel CDN and that can take a bit of time (let’s say between 5 and 50 seconds, depending on load on image optimization servers) during which shortpixel redirects to your origin, but once they are optimized and available on the CDN they should load swiftly
    * but no idea what is happening, one would need to compare waterfall charts really
    * the 2 screenshots look different, so there might be more happening then just where images are loaded from?
    * in general looking at “onload” time (and first paint/ start render) is more relevant then “fully loaded”.

    So, … why not run a couple of tests (1 test with 5 runs per test) and compare those results? 🙂

    Here are the results of webpagetest. Some runs load in 7-10s (same as before) and others 50s (pure madness). The waterfall shows that the images from take the most to load.

    Funnily enough the scores have improved quite a bit so maybe it’s something temporary. How was the experience for other users who have used SP CDN?

    Plugin Author Optimizing Matters


    seeing a lot of redirects, which happens if

    (a) image is not on CDN yet
    (b) if you’ve reached the free threshold

    if (b) you should see a notice soon-ish (it’s checked twice a day).

    if (a) it should automatically get (a lot) better.

    if neither we should contact shortpixel 🙂

    Hi @optimizingmatters

    Seems I haven’t reached the free threshold. No notice yet.
    Seem all images are on SP CDN now and I’ve just tested a page again. Better times now, still seeing many 302 redirects in images and also long “Time to First Byte”, like 4s. or so. In the 2nd linked test happened only once but in an earlier one it happened 3 of the 5 test iterations. Should I contact SP?

    Same page, yesterday and today for comparison:
    Yesterday test
    Today test

    Plugin Author Optimizing Matters


    yeah, better contact SP through the contact form on their site, adding a link to the discussion here in your description.

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