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  • syncbox


    red text on blue background? It positively vibrates. and having to scroll everything to see it? If there had been a feedback button on that site, I would have used it.

    terrible. is there some way to access the list of plugins in the old format? ew and double ew.

    awful color choices, too much toggle, toggles that don’t work and links that don’t work either.

    windows xp and firefox browser. Sorry guys, but P-U.

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  • Kafkaesqui


    Sorry guys, but P-U.

    It’s good you have an opinion about However, it’s not an ‘official’ WordPress site. In other words, a group not directly associated with runs it.

    Perhaps if you passed your observations along to them?



    well, if they had a feedback link, I would. I guess I thought they might monitor these support pages. Does no one else have trouble seeing the text on the main list items with that red on blue theme? yikes.

    Is there another place this list is maintained with links that WORK? For example, x-Dashboard documentation link is broken, yet I know it worked before the changes… about half of the links now are broken.

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