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  • When I create a a child theme, the style.css don’t overwrite the base.css of the parent theme.

    If I put a base.css in my child theme, it don’t overwrite it too

    I just want to change some elements of the base.css like in `.nav li.current-menu-item a,.nav li.current-menu-parent a,.nav li.current-menu-ancestor a
    { text-shadow:0px 1px 2px #0a5182; text-decoration: none; background:#1f9ef6 url(‘../images/menu-item4_ljvd.png’) top left repeat-x; color:#fff; border:1px solid #C38213; padding: 14px 9px 12px 9px; }`

    And preferably without hacking the base theme, child themes are made for that.

    Someone have an idea, or this theme isn’t child theme compatible?

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  • terwilliger


    I know this was posted 5 months ago, but I was looking for information on how to create a child theme of EvoLve and found this post. I think I figured out how to do it if this helps anybody.

    You create a folder for your child theme and put in two files, one called “style.css” and one called “base.css.”

    You create the style.css as usual regarding your child theme information at the top. But when you come to the point where you would type “@import url(‘../evolve/style.css’);” instead you copy all the “@import” information from the style.css in the original EvoLve theme. Then delete or comment out *the one that imports the “base.css” file and type “@import url(‘base.css’);” instead.

    Then copy the “base.css” file from the original EvoLve theme, which is found in “evolve/library/media/css/base.css,” and copy it into your child theme.

    Then you can change the base.css theme however you want to change the look of the site.

    I hope that is clear enough.

    *it says “@import url( ‘library/media/css/base.css’ );”



    Also, I realized you have to add “../evolve/” to the beginning of the other “@import” paths; for example, “@import url( ‘../evolve/library/media/layouts/2col-r.css’ );”.

    There are also some layout style commmands that should also be copied.

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