• Let me be clear:
    My website was working fine. I rarely had to touch it, everything was automatic, updates, new user registrations, comment moderation. All chugging along just fine.
    But I was getting about 100 spam signups every day.
    I installed Cleantalk by following instructions as written.
    The next time I visited my site:
    284 of 405 images were gone.
    Every registered user had been deleted.
    My sign up and login pages were gone.
    In other words, over half of my website was gone,
    The only thing I’d done was install Cleantalk.
    I’ve reloaded the images, apologized to my customers, redone everything, and:
    I now have to approve new users manually.
    I now have to approve comments manually.
    My once smooth and easy website is now a clunky mess that requires more attention than my cat.
    But at least I’m not getting spam users any more, that’s something, right?
    But you try it, there’s only a 5% chance that it will destroy your site, and you’re good with that.
    BTW, their tech support hasn’t answered my last message from 5 days ago. I guess they’ve given up.

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  • Plugin Support alexandergull



    Thank you for your feedback.

    We are sorry that you have difficulties and we want to help.

    The plugin itself can not make any changes in data on the site; the plugin code has no such functionality for changing posts, links or pictures.

    Moderation for comments is a custom option, it needs to be set up and checked.

    Please email us at support@cleantalk.org your email or any other details so that we can found correspondence with you.

    Best regards.

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