• On one hand it connects to CP and works for one item. However if you add a second item to the cart it just doesn’t work and doesn’t add the shipping it always just adds about $2. I tried two heavy units of 7 lbs and the other 15. Either one will give me around $30 but the two of them about $32. Makes no sense since they are two heavy boxes.

    There are zero options to configure and everything you want including “Ship By Dimensions and Weight” is available in premium version apparently. So since it only calculates when I enter weight and size of a product what does this mean? What’s it doing now in the standard version?

    Anyways would be nice and would not mind paying upgrade if the basics worked.

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  • Plugin Author smallfishes


    Hi @lonelywriter

    I’d be happy to work with you to figure out what the plugin is doing in those calculations and hopefully earn a few more stars on this review.

    Would you like to work through things together?

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