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  • I’m getting a 404 when I even try to go to your site. Perhaps it’s a hosting issue?

    OK That was totally weird.

    It was only that subdirectory that was in weirdness.

    It seems to be back now…I think…

    Maybe it was just the NSA doing a random sweep.

    Its a good title for a song.

    Everthing went blank.

    I bet The Duke would do it Justice and we would not need lyrics, just some Saxaphone bordering on insanity.

    Well, it’s gone all wonky again. It comes and goes. The tech support for the server insists that index.php is empty but if you look at the file in the file manager, it’s not.

    It happened again. Was fine until today about 10 minutes ago and then when I hit refresh…it disappeared and I can’t see the site or the dashboard or anything. I didn’t install anything new. I just don’t know what the problem could be. I’m systematically going through and renaming all of the plugins so they’ll be inactive but I don’t thing that’s the problem. It’s not generating an error in my error files. Really this is bizare.

    LiverpoolLad, invite us to the cavern

    Never mind. Bad Behavior apparently was the culpurt. It was erroring out of control. No idea why, but the error wasn’t going to my normal error log. It was however generating PHP crash errors. I’ll have to double check my versions tonight. For the moment SK2 will have to protect me.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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