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    Hi All,

    I have got my wordpress installed on my website and to test it, i’ve installed it on my “localhost” (using a program that starts Apache and MySql).

    Anyway, I forgot I was in the one in my localhost and changed the settings to my website, not when I try to sign in it will not let me use EITHER password as it keeps swapping between localhost login and mywebsite login.

    I have spent ages writing an about me page… the content MUST have been saved somewhere in my htdocs on the localhost… Can anyone tell me where or how I can recover this content.


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  • about me page – in your database

    Go to localhost and access PhpMyAdmin. There you can retrieve your About me page AND/OR edit the blog address (in WP-Options table).

    Thank you renato.

    However, I can’t find the file. I no longer have access to any of the backend files.. I can only see the physical folders such as tbl_structure etc and can open these in notepad.

    Any idea where in phpMyAdmin I can find this?

    Thank you!

    But I can’t access this. Because it’s on my actual computer and I have messed up the “paths”. I can only view the windows explorer.

    Get serious. If it is on your computer you can do anything and everything.
    Is it XAMPP? Just go to http://localhost and you will be able to login into you phpmyadmin.

    Yes, it’s XAMPP.

    Okay, I have just done some reading on the internet and I keep keeping some error in my mysql.lib but i’m clicking cancel every time it shows up.

    I’ve backedup what I think is right… now I guess I just need to import it?!

    I’ll give it ago!

    Okay, backed up using phpmyadmin… then restored (like it said) on my server (again, using phpmyadmin). But it hasn’t put back my about me page.

    I found it 🙂

    Are you sure you know what are you doing?
    You were supposed to change back the “site_url” and “home” values in the wp_options table, following the tutorial mercime posted for you.
    (everything else comes AFTER that)

    What are you doing with backing up and all that confusing stuff?

    Sorry moshu, i’ll explain what I done.

    I thought I had to back up my old SQL tables and load them back into my current one. But that didn’t work.

    I just went into phpMyAdmin (through XAMPP control panel) and found localhost on the computer. Then I “browsed” my “contents” table… and it was right there! 🙂

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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