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  • Hi. I’m using WordPress 3.1 with Thesis 1.6. I’ve had my “Discussion Settings” set so that both boxes for “before a comment appears” are unchecked (so an administrator does NOT have to approve the comment, nor does a comment author have to have a previously approved comment) but I do have it set to go to the moderation queue if it contains 2+ links, or if it includes a list of nasty words that I’ve delineated through the years. I normally get about 400-500 comments a day (my blog has almost 500,000 PVs per month.)

    Starting last Thursday (6/16), for no apparent reason, every comment began being held in the moderation queue. I would walk away for an hour and find I had 30+ comments waiting in moderation! This has slowed the pace of readers’ commentary down significantly and I can’t figure out why. To make matters even more confusing this problem comes and goes — by Friday it fixed itself, but on Saturday I had intermittent problems with it, none on Sunday, but lots today.

    Does anyone else have this problem?

    (There’s also some suspicious timing in that I just got an Android phone last Saturday (6/11) and have used it here and there to approve comments — and my regular Gmail is also being weird (in that my filters aren’t working properly; things that are supposed to bypass my inbox are going to the inbox. I don’t see how it could affect it, but has anyone else noticed funny business when they’ve used Android and WordPress together?)

    Many thanks in advance..


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  • Are you using any sort of plugins to help you with spammers?

    Just Askimet

    Huh. I’ve only see it act up like that once before (I have A single user who, no matter what, all his posts always get moderated, no matter what). My gut feeling is that something’s tripping the queue. Did you change ANYTHING on your site?

    I reactivated a plugin that puts a favicon on my site, maybe on Tuesday or Wed. But that’s it…

    Can’t hurt to remove that plugin (which you don’t need – toss your favicon.ico file into the same folder as your .htaccess and WP autodetects it).

    Aaaaaaah — I figured it out. I had forgotten that I had started using the MaxPress Affiliate Ninja plugin, which I bought many moons ago and just started using. After I deactivated that the problem went away instantly.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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