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  • VP


    I am seriously beginning to hate this plugin.
    I recently had an update notification so I went ahead and updated several days ago.

    I suddenly wonder why I have no new posts in my forum etc and upon checking my website in a different browser I find that Unyson has activated a whole raft of extensions that were previously deactivated automatically, including MAINTENANCE MODE.

    Why oh why does this plugin do this!!!!!

    Problem is, this plugin is part of my theme and my website will not function without it, otherwise I would never use this awful addon.

    I hate it, in every sense of the word.

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  • Plugin Author Unyson


    Why don’t you open an issue here or on github?
    If we do not know of the existence of a problem then how we can fix it. That’s why there are several forums for debugging and fixing bugs so people can get help.
    Another thought is that unyson is a framework so theme authors can easily build premium themes and some issues come from the theme or the extensions created by them.

    has activated a whole raft of extensions

    about that the author of the theme decides whether the extensions remain active or not.

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