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  • I have a page called top stories and every time i post a new story even if i select the category i want it to be in it always post in the top sstories category and the other category i select. My Default post category: is Top stories

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  • Try it again.
    What is that “page called top stories”? A Page or a category archive?
    Is it a problem with WP puttin the posts in wrong category – or is it a problem with display. Like it doesn’t work as you imagined.

    And don’t repeat your title in the tag section. It doesn’t make sense!

    yes the page is called top stories its a category WP puts everything in the right category but it also puts it in the home page category which is top stories i dont want every post i make to go on the home page category i want users to click the category to see it i dont want it to be on the top stories page if its category isnt top stories. Thanks

    So, first of all your should understand that displaying ALL the posts (regardless of the categories you’ve invented) on your main (index) page is how any blogging tool – including WP – works. That’s exactly the expected behaviour from a blog script!

    You do NOT need a homepage category to have posts displayed on the home page – it happens by default. Every post goes to the “home” page. And, also, there is no home page category as you thought… It is always good to learn about the tool you are using!

    Now, if you want to exclude certain categories to be displayed from your homepage, you should use a plugin like this one:

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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