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  • Hello. I was running WP 2.1 up until 10 minutes ago and upgrade to 2.5 to fix an issue I was having with all of the posts of a specific category, but the upgrade (while it went well) didn’t alter the behavior.

    Suddenly, about a week ago, all of the posts in which the first category (the one that WP uses in the URL at /%category%/) now return Page Not Found errors… but if I go up to the browser address bar and alter the URL to include an extra space after the category name in the URL, it then finds and displays the post correctly. When this happens the browser replaces the space with %20.

    This affected 83 of my posts, breaking all of the links to them on Google. I’ve tried renaming the category, then naming it back to the now forbidden word — no luck. Also tried the same with the category slug to no avail.

    What it boils down to is a certain word, in this case makeup (it’s my wife’s makeup blog) just no longer seems to be valid as a category slug name. It’s still valid as the category name but not as the slug name, which is the word used to build the URL.

    I’d like to ask if anyone here has any ideas what might have caused this. I’ve logged into the CPanel on my host (godaddy) and tried manually retyping the category and slug in the category table, but that didn’t change the behavior. Also tried repairing and optimizing the table, but no change in the behavior either.

    When I rename the category, the newly created (changed) URL works correctly, but when I rename it back to the forbidden word (makeup), I get a Page Not Found error again.

    This URL is valid…

    But this URL (which had worked up until about a week ago) isn’t…

    And, strangely, this URL is valid when the category slug is set to makeup…

    Thanks for any and all input.

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  • As a temporary fix I added a permanent redirect in my .htaccess file, but I would still like to know why I cannot use the word ‘makeup’ as a category slug but can use any other word.

    Any ideas, folks?

    Thanks in advance.

    *bump* (or should I say begging?)

    *bump bump*

    I’ve spent a couple hours now going through the forum here, but haven’t found anything matching the type of issue I’m having.

    It’s not life/death now that the .htaccess redirect is in place, but something suddenly caused the word makeup to stop being a valid slug. I concerned that it could happen again to one of the blog’s other categories.

    I would appreciate any assistance or insight anyone can offer. Thank you.

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