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  • doesn’t this seem weird?
    with every single piece of media i upload, it is saved as a post draft. if i delete that draft, the picture still stays in the original post that it was uploaded for.
    hm. right?

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  • That is definitely weird. Try deactivating all plugins and upload an image to see if still happens. If it doesn’t then is a plugin causing any sort of conflict.

    The status in wp-post for post images (attachments) inside all types of posts, is set with a status of ‘inheirit’ only the post, custom post, or page is set as ‘draft’, one other for the post created is a ‘revision’

    Could it be a plugin or the theme that is causing it, swap the theme first and upload a post image, see if it still happens, if it does then disabling the plugins one at a time, is the only way.

    You could also update (overwrite) your core WordPress files from the updates page, without loosing any content.

    Overview for other readers:
    The WordPress part of your website runs on just 11 tables, using integer values to link all the bits together.

    The main tables wp-post and wp-metadata, wp-options tables in the database are used to store more than just the posts.

    The wp-post table has a field column of ‘type’, some of the types, post, page, revision, attachment, nav menu item, custom post type, custom header etc:, then the ‘type’ and status of ‘draft’ is used to filter wp-posts records.



Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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