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    Your plugin broke every site I have in Multisite after uninstalling it. I cannot get to any of the /wp-admins now.

    PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function wp_reset_vars() in C:\HostingSpaces\djquad\\wwwroot\wp-admin\post.php:17
    Stack trace:
    #0 C:\HostingSpaces\djquad\\wwwroot\wp-content\plugins\channel-solution-for-twitch\loader.php(235): include_once()
    #1 C:\HostingSpaces\djquad\\wwwroot\wp-content\plugins\channel-solution-for-twitch\loader.php(110): WordPressTwitchPress->includes()
    #2 C:\HostingSpaces\djquad\\wwwroot\wp-content\plugins\channel-solution-for-twitch\loader.php(72): WordPressTwitchPress->__construct()
    #3 C:\HostingSpaces\djquad\\wwwroot\wp-content\plugins\channel-solution-for-twitch\loader.php(458): WordPressTwitchPress::instance()
    #4 C:\HostingSpaces\djquad\\wwwroot\wp-content\plugins\channel-solution-for-twitch\loader.php(463): TwitchPress()
    #5 C:\HostingSpaces\djquad\\wwwroot\wp-content\plugins\channel-solution-for-twitch\twitchpress.php(49): include_once(‘C:\\HostingSpace…’)
    #6 C:\HostingSpaces\djquad\\wwwroot\wp-settin in C:\HostingSpaces\djquad\\wwwroot\wp-admin\post.php on line 17

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  • Plugin Author Ryan Bayne



    Doesn’t sound good. Are you sure you don’t have another plugin that has error display set to on because this suggests error display is on. That is something my plugin does but if you’ve removed the plugin then it would be something else still showing errors.

    I don’t suppose you know if deactivating the plugin can cause it or is it strictly uninstallation?

    I will assume it is strictly uninstallation and examine the related functions now.

    Thank you for your report and sorry for the trouble.

    Plugin Author Ryan Bayne


    I can confirm that the undefined function wp_reset_vars() belongs to the following file…


    You’ll want to confirm that file exists and has not changed. If that is the case then the real issue might be how WP is loading or how a plugin is loading since the changes you made i.e. something is expecting wp_reset_vars() before the misc.php file has been loaded.

    Seeing how the error is triggered within post.php I’m considering the issue being related to TwitchPress custom post types. I’ll look into this right now and consider how to address the issue.

    I will confirm that the issue is that you have no access to wp-admin because an error is displayed instead. If you have not attempted to visit other admin pages other than post.php please do and report back as this will help me narrow things down fast.

    Plugin Author Ryan Bayne


    Not Ready for Multisite

    I should have mentioned that there hasn’t been a focus on Multisite ever.

    It hasn’t been in high demand and the current focus is also on Twitch API version 6 (Helix) as version 5 will be closed in the next few months – probably. There isn’t a sizable community around this project to ensure enough testing is done in Multisite for me to claim it is compatible.

    Priority Low
    At least for another 3-4 months, the priority for Multisite compatibility will be low unless…someone pays to have the work done. I’m not paid for this at all and so the limited time I have must be spent preparing for the changes at which apply to all users.

    Plugin Author Ryan Bayne


    Issue Resolved
    I’ve just released 2.9.0 which fixes this issue.

    It is not related to the compatibility of Multisite and applies to all installations.

    Your report on this is greatly appreciated @djquadrocks thanks. Accessing your site now requires database access and the editing of your roles which I’m happy to assist with. You can also find guides on how to copy and paste the required options value into your database.

    The specific option is “wp_user_roles” and you need to update the value using the default on installation of WordPress which is “a:1:{s:13:”administrator”;b:1;}” without the quotes.

    Here is a guide on how to do this using a database query.

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