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    I use the [events_fullcalendar] shortcode to display events from the Events Manager plugin. This has worked fine for several years, but in the past few weeks, only the list view has been displayed (the calender view is missing).

    I don’t specify any options to the shortcode.

    I’m using:
    Wordpress 5.6
    Events Manager 5.9.9
    WP Fullcalendar 1.3.1

    Here are the error messages from google chrome’s javascript debugger:

    JQMIGRATE: Migrate is installed, version 3.3.2
    jquery.qtip.js:3485 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘replace’ of undefined
    at dayOfMonthFormat (jquery.qtip.js:3485)
    at Function.<anonymous> (jquery.qtip.js:3485)
    at Function.each (jquery.min.js?ver=3.5.1:2)
    at o (jquery.qtip.js:3485)
    at Object.<anonymous> (jquery.qtip.js:3485)
    at e (jquery.qtip.js:3485)
    at Object.<anonymous> (jquery.qtip.js:3485)
    at e (jquery.qtip.js:3485)
    at Object.<anonymous> (jquery.qtip.js:3485)
    at e (jquery.qtip.js:3485)
    jquery.min.js?ver=3.5.1:2 jQuery.Deferred exception: $(…).first(…).fullCalendar is not a function TypeError: $(…).first(…).fullCalendar is not a function
    at HTMLDocument.<anonymous> (
    at e (
    at t ( undefined
    S.Deferred.exceptionHook @ jquery.min.js?ver=3.5.1:2
    jquery.min.js?ver=3.5.1:2 Uncaught TypeError: $(…).first(…).fullCalendar is not a function
    at HTMLDocument.<anonymous> ((index):933)
    at e (jquery.min.js?ver=3.5.1:2)
    at t (jquery.min.js?ver=3.5.1:2)

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • I disabled Autoptimize for now. Any word on a fix?

    Plugin Author Marcus


    Sorry for the delay, we’re planning on updating very soon, but ran into some unrelated issues that have set us back time-wise. This should resolve itself in the upcoming update1

    Marcus (@netweblogic) – any update on the WPFC fix mentioned above??
    Fullcalendar is still not working anymore?

    I’ve got it working. My Autoptimize js-exclusions:

    Plugin Author Marcus


    sorry we’ve got a lot going on at the moment causing delays, but should be out this week.

    Plugin Author Marcus


    Hello everyone! We’ve just released 1.4 which switches the jQuery qTips2 library for tippy.js. This is a newer and currently maintained library with no jQuery dependencies, so hopefully it should be far less conflict-prone.

    I’ve not tested this with my autoptimze but I’m quite confident this will fix it. if not, please write here and we’ll take another pass at it.

    Thanks for your patience!

    Events Manager
    WP Fullcalendar 1.4.
    WP Safe Mode installed

    If Safe Mode enabled, then [fullcalendar] shows Events and header.
    If Safe Mode not enabled, then [fullcalendar] only shows headers <>, Today, Month etc.
    Shortcode [events_calendar full=1 long_events=1] show events data.

    Checked wpfullcalendar/js, files updated April 4, 2021

    jQuery CSS Theme = Overcast. We have each and every one with the result listed above.

    Events Manager Pro / WP Full Calendar are used exclusive to book/manager our yacht fleet for bookings, crews and voyage.

    Await your early guidance.

    Thanks. I can confirm this fixed jt for us

    Please clarify what action did you take to ensure [fullcalendar] worked each time. Did you leave WP Safe Mode active?
    Thank you for your update.

    I simply updated the plug-in and it resolved our issues.

    I upgraded and still have an issue. When Autoptimize is enabled, the calendar disappears on Firefox, Edge and Safari. I can still see it on Chrome.

    New problem: The calendar is still visible on Chrome but now shows no events.

    Plugin Author Marcus


    @phoenixyachtclub I’d recommend first finding the plugin that triggers the error. This thread is related to Autoptimize and a conflict with that plugin mainly. If it’s not related to that plugin, please create a new thread.

    @lwillisjhls you may need to empty caches and make sure you empty your browser cache too when reloading the pages in question, as the JS changes are normally cached both by your browser, any CDN caching plugins/services you use and most likely by Autoptimize (I don’t use this plugin).

    @netweblogic I reactivated Autoptimize to delete the cache. I also cleared the cache on all browsers. I am able to see events on the calendar in Chrome again, but I am back to the calendar not being displayed on Firefox, Edge, etc. I deactivated Autoptimize again to bring them back.

    Are you dealing with any other plugin conflicts that you are aware of?

    Plugin Author Marcus


    @lwillisjhls I’m not aware of other plugin conflicts.

    Does it work with autoptimize disabled? If so, we could look again at this, but if not I’d ask that you open a new thread, this one is long already and your issue is now unrelated to this one.

    I recommend you try using WP Safe Mode and test it with just a default theme and WP FC (and events manager if you use it). Figure out the culprit and let us know, a link to your site plus the theme/plugin conflict would also help.

    The above goes for anyone still experiencing an issue.

    Thread Starter naturevancouver


    The calendar view is (mostly) working on our site after the latest update.

    The update introduced a new bug where the text “g:ip” appears in front of every event title in the calendar view. I can file a separate ticket for that.

    Thanks for the fix, Marcus!

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