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  • It’s June, but when I ask for events within the next 2 months, I see June, July and August events. I was expecting to only see events for June and July.

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  • it came up with july and august because june is the current date and count starts at july.

    But the comments in the code seem to indicate that it should work differently:

    // next x months means this month (what’s left of it), plus the following x-1 months until the end of that month.

    Plugin Author Marcus


    i might have commented the code wrong, or changed my mind and not updated the comment 🙂

    what angelo said is correct i guess you can just reduce it by 1 to get what you need?

    Thanks so much for the response.

    Reduce it in the code? Yes I can do that – but I wish I didn’t have to (won’t plug-in updates wipe out my change?).

    So there’s no way to output this month & the next as is – right?

    Plugin Author Marcus


    i mean reduce you month search by 1, maining instead of 2-month 1-month. I think also the scope ‘month’ does that.

    need to update docs. the crux of adding features to a plugin 🙂

    i don’t see any way to show this month and next for the standard events page since this is driven by the settings (I think – I’m new to this) and the settings only allow for this month (june, e.g.) or the next 2 months (which actually shows this month and the next 2 months – june, july, august). I don’t see a way through the settings to ask for June & July (what I want).

    But, if I create another page & use a short code for events (using this page instead of the standard events page), then assuming there are events in June, July & August:

    scope=”month” shows June
    scope=”1-months” shows June and July (what I want!)
    scope=”2-months” shows June, July, August

    So I can do it that way.

    Plugin Author Marcus


    thanks for pointing that out. I will check that out and maybe add 1-months to the default scopes.


    one other option we’d find really useful is a rolling calendar – e.g. show ‘the next 30 days’ or the next 15 days’ – otherwise, when you set it to one month, the calendar gets smaller and smaller as you near the end of the month.

    (but — i really like your plugin – it’s very flexible, and it looks like it will suit our purposes.)

    Plugin Author Marcus


    we added a few scopes but you can add your own scopes quite easily. If you browse through the tutorials on our site you’ll see some examples.

    thanks for adding the 2 month option! That was quick!

    Another question — is it possible to group events by day?

    June 4th
    3pm – 5 pm
    my first event for the day

    6 pm – 8 pm
    my second event for the day
    June 5th
    an event for the 5th

    Plugin Author Marcus


    yes, but you’d have to do it yourself with php

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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