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    Since about 2 days ago (not sure exactly when) Events Manager has stopped displaying events on both the calendar widget and on the large calendar if I switch to calendar view. Events do work properly as an events list in both the events page and widget. Locations also list correctly The site is at I have an open browser (firefox) on one pc still showing the calendar widget working on the site front page – the browser page has not been refreshed since the 15th August. I have looked through all the settings on the Events Calendar and cannot find any cause. I have tried deactivating all other plugins but no success. I have the latest Event Calendar update 5.5 installed and just in case, I downloaded the plugin, unzipped it and FTP’d the files overwriting the existing files in case of any corruption. None of these measures have worked. I have no clue as to what was happening when it stopped working and i am at a loss as to where to look now to get it working again. Any advice to fix this would be appreciated.

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  • Can someone help with this please?

    I have just rolled back the wp-content/plugins/events-manager folder to 5.4.4 and it is working again. I am now being offered the update to 5.5 again, but I am going to hold of to see if this is a bug that can be fixed. I don’t think I can mark it as resolved, as I have only rolled back to the previous version.

    just to confirm, have you tried it on default theme just to determine any theme conflict and is this using default calendar or wp fullcalendar?

    Thanks Angelo,

    I did not check for theme conflict as it was working when it was first installed on the default theme and has since been used with Woo Canvas and now with Responsive Pro with Responsive child theme. It only stopped working when I updated to 5.5 and now works again when I rolled back to 5.4.4.

    It is possible that the update is conflicting with the theme, but it would only be changes in the update that are generating the conflict. The site is live and undergoing development at the same time and major changes can only be made overnight and at weekends to ensure continuity of availability. It has just been changed to a multisite environment although Events Manager will only be on the primary site.

    I am working to a deadline and as it is working just now, I am going to hold off updating Events Manager until I can set up a test site and load it up, or until a new update to the plug-in arrives.

    If you have any suggestions where the fault is, I would appreciate it and I shall investigate.


    Plugin Author Marcus


    Are you referring to the WP FullCalendar calendar or the calendars that ship with EM by default?

    Hi Marcus,

    Thanks for getting back. The problem only occurs with the EM calenders. I don’t have any other calendars active on the site.

    On the Events page, I use an events list and this works fine – no problems. I use the EM calendar widget on the front page and on the right sidebar of every page. When i updated to 5.5, the EM calendar widgets stopped showing any events. As a check, I went to the EM settings and changed the Events page to show as the EM large calendar and when I viewed the events page, the large EM calendar did not show any events. I switched back to list and the events page listed events as normal. I also switched out the EM widgets to the EM List widget and this listed the events properly, but still nothing on the EM calendar widgets.

    After trying various tests for plugin compatibility, I rolled it back to 5.4.4, which is where it is at just now and the Em calendar widgets are working again.

    I will try to make time to create a test site and experiment with the configuration to see if it reveals any clues, but time is not on my side just now, so I am sort of hoping that by the time I get the test site up, you will have spotted the issue. The site is at and if you have any ideas or any other questions, please get back to me.


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    WordPress, plugins and themes are all latest except EM which is back to 5.4.4

    Theme is Responsive Pro with Responsive child theme.

    did you get any other error like javascript error using browser console or if you enable wp_debug?


    Hi Angelo,

    I did not observe any browser errors or page loading errors. The error was replicated on different machines in both IE10 and Firefox.

    I won’t be able to usefully enable wp_debug until I set up a test site and then I can replicate the site conditions at that time from a backup. Thankfully, the site is now running EM 5.4.4, which is working, as this allows me to focus on getting the site ready for formal launch in 3 weeks. I appreciate your support and I shall try to create a window this weekend to set up the test site with EM 5.5 active.



    Can you clarify exactly what you’re expecting to see please?

    When I look at your site – both front and sub pages – I see the calendar widget and I see that, as expected, some of the dates are linked. Clicking them takes me to the events held on those days.

    Some days aren’t linked because they have no events.


    Hi Philipjohn,

    Thanks for your response. The site is working now because I rolled back the EM plugin from version 5.5 to 5.4.4. The error occurs with the update to version 5.5.


    maybe a test site would be great so we can determine what causes the error by turning-on wp-debug or checking your php logs to see if there’s any other error.

    Plugin Author Marcus


    I’m aware of some WPFC issues with the latest update, we should have a fix for this during the week.

    I want to second this post as I am having the exact same issue and rolling back to 5.4.4. solved this problem.

    Plugin Author Marcus


    As we can’t reproduce this problem ourselves, there’s little we can do until we can see a site with the problem in action.

    Have you tried the 5.5.1 update? or maybe even the dev update?

    I just checked another one of my sites which also uses events manager and there the calendar is working just fine with 5.5.1. I will play around with the dev update and do the usual conflict tracking on the site where it is not working and return with my findings.

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