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    I am using version 5.9.5 of The Events Manager, and my events are not showing in admin panel. There should be 10 events, and they are showing in frontend calendar. What might cause this?

    Here’s picture: (sorry, it’s in finnish, but I hope you get the idea.)

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  • I have the same problem!

    We have just discovered the same problem. I smells a bit like a bug in the v 5.9.5.
    Here’s a screenshot of the our events list in the backend:
    The only two records shown out of the total of 46 have been created since the problem occured. I have not been able to find any anomalities in the wp_post database table when looking through post_type=event.
    I have also tried to compare a handful of the events post_meta-data in the database without finding any explanation to this error. I have activated the debugging in the plugins debug.php and checked php and wp debugging without any luck.
    In the frontend, the hidden events seem to be visible in the grid calendar with a functional link to the single event page. So this seems to work as intended.

    I#Ve the same problem. But I noticed when I switch the server back to php 5.6 then all events are visible. A php 7.1 problem of events manager?

    @mapl I couldn’t replicate that on my installation. I went back to php 5.6 and 5.5 and neither solved the problem.

    It really looks like the backend event list is now only showing current and future events. I managed to edit a hidden event (changed the id in the edit-url) and changed the event dates to a current one, which brought it back on the administration list.
    I wonder if this is a bug or a feature?! But it’s confusing and not really what you would expect from a regular wp-interface. (Maybe somebody forgot an ‘!admin’ statement somewhere.) 🙂

    Well, it’s not a feature, LOL.Otherwise we would all experience this and all my blogs work perfectly 😉

    First… In your screenshot (I think) it says that only future events are filtered. So, that could be something.

    Else it is probably some error in your database somewhere, but you’d have to look into myphpAdmin for that though.

    As I mentioned, I have the same problem. Here is my printscreen about our admin:
    I tried to set back to php 5.6, but it’s not worked for me.

    I checked the phpmyadmin, and I have experienced there is no wp_em_events table at all. All of my imported events are in the wp_post table.

    How can I move these lines to the – not existing – wp_em_events?

    Several tables and connections between them are being used when a new one is created and/or edited. So if you do not even have the table, of course things are not connected… You will need to reinstall the plugin.

    Uninstall the plugin. In your functions.php add this:

    Then reload any Admin Page. Delete the line above and reinstall the plugin.

    Reinstall EM and after that, try to re-import the events. Please note that with the default WP Importer, things still might need manual alterations, as not all meta is the same on the new install.

    Plugin Author Marcus


    I think people may be referring to different problems here…

    @suvikan what page are you displaying? It isn’t the event list page in the admin area, there’s a few missing things there, such as viewing future/past events as a filter option.

    @adatfalo you mention having imported events, we don’t have an importer yet, so whatever you used to import probably didn’t do it right and you’ll need to either reimport (after following Patricks suggestion) or start from scratch.

    @biberkopf the screenshot you’re showing indicates you might be only looking at future events, therefore past events won’t show, might that be why?

    @mapl Not sure why 7.1 would differ from 5.6 versions, it should be the same. I’ve tested out 7.1.19 and it’s working fine. What specific version are you using?

    One thing I’d suggest all of you try, is install WP Safe Mode and activate Safe Mode to see how it works with just Events MAnager and the default theme active.

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    @marcus I feel so stupid. Not used to such an advanced interface. 😉 You are absolutely correct. I didn’t notice that the top filter was set to future events. Not using it myself on a daily basis. I’ll dig myself a big hole. Sorry to bother you all.

    Plugin Author Marcus


    no worries @biberkopf, it happens 🙂

    1/4 solved!

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    @netweblogic it is indeed that page. I changed the language to english so you can understand what is in there 🙂

    Plugin Author Marcus


    @mapl I can’t easily switch to that specific version, I’d suggest maybe asking your hosts to upgrade that to the latest 7.1.x branch, it’s possible there’s a bug in the PHP itself…

    @suvikan Did this start happening after an upgrade of an older EM version maybe? On the front-end, can you edit the event (e.g. by clicking the edit link on the wp admin bar)?

    I’d suggest trying this: Go to Events > Settings > General > Admin Tools and then reset timezones.

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    @netweblogic resetting timezones worked for me! Thank you very much!

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