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[Resolved] Events Manager: Search does not work

  • Search does not seem to work when searched with options unless you select categories option. My website is http://londonjazz.net. For example:

    – if you select between [ ] and [ ] dates and without filling in any other option, hit enter, the search returns no events. For example, select 01/10/2012 – 31/10/2012 and enter (no results). If you then select, for example Gig from the category, a list of gigs will show up.

    – if you type some keyword in search term and hit enter without any other option, it returns no events. For example, type “Helen” in the search term and hit enter (no events). If you then select “Gig” in category drop down, it will return several of her gigs.

    – Select a location and hit enter and will show no result unless a valid option (for example, East Twickenham) is selected in the category field.

    – if you just select the category option, for example, select Gig and hit enter, it will return events in this category.

    I remember the search used to work – I don’t know since which upgrade it has stopped working. Do I need to do anything after each upgrade? I find saving permalink after upgrade make things sometimes work (settings->permalink and hit “save changes” without changing any option – not sure about the EM but certain plugins seem to refresh after this action).
    Please let me know if I am missing anything.

    Thank you for your support in advance.


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  • I get this too, should get fixed soon.

    I have the same problem

    Plugin Author Marcus


    sorry about that, this should be fixed in the dev version (current dev is


    I am using (dev) and I still have the problem. Also the page to the permalinks is now blanked. I had to disable Events manager go with the default permalinks and then reactivate.

    Love your plugin, we use it for our Synchronized swimming team.



    Plugin Author Marcus


    @warrenpe if you have other issues then it might be something else, e.g. have you changed your template files?

    a link might help too

    Plugin Author Marcus


    turns out it’s still EM with the problem

    i updated to version and the search form is working ok now.


    I have the same problem, search form doesn’t work on event page using EM Version 5.3.5, I used following short-code in event page, form is displayed their but doesn’t working

    Please Help me

    Plugin Author Marcus


    @harmeek please create a new topic, preferably including a link. also, check that you have an events page assigned (i.e. does it show events but not a search form?)

    Hi Marcus let me start off by saying its a great plugin, well done you guys.
    But unfortunately I am having the exact same problem & i have upgraded it to Version Same issue when i change my theme to Twenty Twelve. I found out that the search stops working when i change the format in wp-content\themes\twentytwelve\plugins\events-manager\templates\events-list.php.
    But when i put the same format via the dashboard under events > settings > formatting tabs the search works fine.
    In my template file the only change i am making is instead of echo EM_Events::output( $args ); i am using

    echo EM_Events::output(array('scope'=>'future', 'limit'=>3,'format'=>'<li>
        <div class="date-box">
            <span class="month">#M</span>
            <span class="date">#j</span>
            <span class="day">#D</span>
        <div class="course-excerpt">
            <span class="short">#F #j,#Y | #h#a GMT #P hrs</span>
            #_EVENTEXCERPT<a href="#_EVENTPAGEURL" class="more">More Details</a>
        <div class="footer"><a href="#" class="enroll">Enroll</a><span class="price">#_EVENTPRICERANGE
    </span><span>16 PDUs</span></div>

    Can you tell me what could be the problem? I need it in a template file cause i am planning to bring in values from custom fields.



    NetWebLogic Support


    due to that this thread is quiet old maybe you can re-post this on a new thread and just add this link as reference.


    Plugin Author Marcus


    Please start a new thread, but first step would be to stop using templates to figure out if the issue is on your side of things or on ours. i.e. rename your theme/plugins/events-manager folder

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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