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    On my location maps the plus, minus (zoom) and fullscreen appear thrice. Any idea how to resolve. It is not a theme issue or plugin conflict. Many thanks

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    Any ideas on why this is happening? I have searched the forums and found that a similar issue was happening in this thread

    it was resolved by an update by the google maps plugin team.

    Plugin Support timrv



    Could you perhaps send us a sample link of your Website where the control buttons are showing multiple times? So far it’s not showing on my test server.

    I noticed that you have mentioned that it’s not a plugin conflict or theme conflict,
    Perhaps you already tried disable all other plugins and try and change theme perhaps? If in case you still haven’t tried it, You could easily try it by Installing one of our plugins which lets you view the site as if the plugins are disabled and theme is different.

    I would also ask our Devs for this one in case they have encountered it and show them the link you sent.

    This is a common problem, by now. Lots of people have tripled or doubled controls since Google changed their API.

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    Tim and Patrick thanks for your reply.

    This is a test site for new website

    Patrick I note you say it is a common problem – is there a fix for it ?

    I used your safe mode plugin to change themes and disable plugins made no difference

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    Not quite sure.. I know users (of other plugins, not just EM) have similar problems ever since Google changed their Maps API, due to “more users using smaller screens”. I read somewhere that they will release a new version with the ability to roll the controls back, but haven’t heard if that has been launched yet.

    I do know, that this is probably and mainly a css problem. Google forces sprite images ( on their controls. So if somewhere something does not process the css exactly right (process wich part of the image has to be shown), the rest of the sprite image is shown as well (looks like two controls: one black one grey). Since Google injects its css upon loading the map, I have not been able to overrule that.

    As a workaround (for now), you could try and install my own add-on:

    That allows you (among other things) to hide certain / all controls.

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    Patrick again thanks – I have your plugin installed and as a last resort I will hide the controls. The link I gave above to a similar problem by a user of the google maps plugin suggests that the developers appear to have found a resolution.

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    Plugin Author Marcus


    I’m very sorry for the delayed reply.

    Regarding the three icons appearing, this turns out to be a Google ‘bug’ in their API version 3.4 rather than a change in EM, because bumping it to 3.5 fixes the problem too, but there’s in fact two solutions. We’ll likely do them both to make it future-proof in the next update but meantime if you can edit files yourselves one or the other of the following will work:

    1. Change the CSS, in events-manager/includes/css/events-manager.css and remove this section entirely:

    	.em-location-map img, .em-locations-map img, #em-map img {
    		max-width:none !important;
    		background:none !important;
    		border:none !important;
    		margin:0 !important;
    		padding:0 !important;

    2. Change the loaded Google Maps version in JS because this issue seems to be happening to one version of Google Maps. You’d change:

    script.src = proto + '//'+EM.google_maps_api;


    script.src = proto + '//'+EM.google_maps_api;

    Additionally, when we’ve implemented this in the latest dev version very soon, we’ll follow up here as well.

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