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    Hey! I am a student on the course of Management computing, or whatever it can be called in english. Basically i learn to develop software, websites, and some Management on this course.

    Currently i need to develop a webpage for a government projectrelated to natural parks. The problem i find is that i am trying to edit the css file to change the aspect of the event list widget because i need it to look more like the one on the following page:

    My page isn’t online yet because it’s too soon, therefore i cannot include a link.

    I also need to add a small margin to the left of the list.
    I tried to edit the only css i found that could be it, and tried to see the other css files to see if any would do any good. The only times i got something different was big mistakes. I am stuck with this, and i need this page for my final grade.
    Im starting to panic!

    Please help!

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  • Hi,

    you can try to use firebug or chrome then inspect the html element that you’ve wanted to change then you can use your theme style.css to override the default css formatting.

    thought it would be controlled by the widget css, but you are right, it worked well, thanks. The problem is that i need to add an icon before the date of the event, as if there was a table there, and i had 3 different columns, with the specific order image icon, date, name of event. However, i can’t do it.

    Did you try WP Appearance > Widgets > Events widgets > List item format ?

    Great! i was trying to edit this, once again, on the widget itself… it’s actually my first website, until now i’ve been working on a c# application, and i never coded anything! That’s why i’m such a noob on this. Thank you a lot agelonwl! now it’s just a matter of refining the html code on the widget…

    Another problem. Everything is smooth and beautifull. Used image to load as a background for the first cell of the table, and everything is in it’s place. But, as soon as i leave the main page, the background disappears. Why?


    do you have a direct sample link for us to see?

    No… the site is not yet online, and will not be until it’s almost ready. As it’s a government “thing” i got strict rules to follow…

    you can share screenshots instead however I think you can solve that by using css styling and inspecting the html elements.

    Sorry i took too long to answer, but only today i got time to work on this.

    I uploaded the ScreenShots to my skydrive

    If you have any trouble seeing this images just tell me. I inspected the css, and the code, and i cannot find any failure, however i am a noob in this…

    how would i get to do a index page have a kind of menu looking like this image

    Plugin Author Marcus


    NetWebLogic Support

    you’d probably need to hire someone with js/html/php knowledge to use some jQuery plugin to create that sort of menu.

    it has been done before –

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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