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  1. Adam Blythe
    Posted 4 years ago #


    Events Manager Plugin comes default with:

    • Events page
    • Categories page
    • Locations page
    • My bookings page

    You can manipulate each of these pages so that they display a 'featured image' (header banner image) of your choice.

    What I can't do is display a 'featured image' (header banner image) on a specific event category page.


    1. Home
    2. Events
    3. Categories
    4. 'A Category'
    5. Page showing information regarding event category

    The page displaying 'information regarding event category' shows no featured image, only theme default. There is also no option to change the featured image in 'edit event category'

    There has to be a very simple solution to this. Please help!

    Thank you

    FYI I am using the theme 'twenty eleven'.

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