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  • What I have tried so far:

    – Deactivated all other plugins-no change

    – Deactivated and reactivated Events Manager-no change

    – Compared the number of lines in database tables to database in development environment (where it works fine)-don’t see any major discrepancy

    – Re-copied Events Manager files from dev environment to GoDaddy-no change



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    This is a completely different problem than the forum topic you linked to.

    More details: I uploaded this site to a dummy domain hosted on Site5 and I am able to see and edit the recurring appointments in the dashboard with no problem.

    EDIT to last comment: my upload to dummy domain occurred prior to upload to GoDaddy and problems. I am downloading database and files from GoDaddy and re-uploading to dummy domain to:

    1) see if I can reproduce the error
    2) try some of the solutions outlined here:

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    in the meantime, was it working before e.g. on your test site?

    It was working on localhost prior to GoDaddy upload (LAMP/Ubuntu 12.04) and worked on dummy domain during development.

    GoDaddy going down yesterday halted my re-test on dummy domain. Off to do that now…

    And thank you for responding, Marcus – and for creating, sharing and helping with an awesome plugin.

    Update: I downloaded the database from GoDaddy and uploaded it to the Site5 dummy site and it works fine there so it must be a GoDaddy issue.

    I spoke with GoDaddy and they said to check the plugin hosting requirements and compare them to what is current on my hosted server. I haven’t been able to find any requirements beyond the wordpress version (I have 3.4.2 installed). Any other specifications on the hosting server that need to be met to have it run correctly?

    The permissions between the GoDaddy site files and Site5 site files were different. I changed the GoDaddy files to reflect the Site5 ones but unfortunately, that didn’t fix the problem.

    Plugin Author Marcus


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    considering we test on hostgator basic shared hosting, it should work on most sites out the box.

    That said, if you have many events (1000s) then your issue might be due to memory limits on GoDaddy.

    I’m running with the memory limit idea right now. I’ve exported a copy of the GoDaddy database and am reducing the number of events locally. I’m going to test the reduced db on a GoDaddy subdomain to see if that fixes it.

    I drastically reduced the size of the database and, although it makes it run faster, GoDaddy still had problems with it.

    Solution: don’t use GoDaddy! I’ve decided to host my client’s site on my hosting account with Site 5.

    Marcus, thanks for responding to my thread. I appreciate your input.

    Marking resolved.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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