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  • Hello, I have been scouring the web and hoping ot find an answer for this question.I know the Events Manager works off of your own theme, but where or how can you change the background of the calendar portion of the Events Manager? When the plugin is in the Calendar mode the text is white the heading is white and the lines are white which makes it impossible to read. I do not mind tweaking my font colors, but would really prefer to change the background color to make it work with my theme. I love this plugin, but want to make sure that it provides this functionality first.
    I am just not sure where in the CSS it is, and do not want to go messing with things recklessly.


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  • Hi,

    you can use some css styling to do that and for the class/ids you can see the calendar template at templates/calendar-full.php

    table.em-calendar { .. }

    also, see this previous post –

    So I just change the CSS colors on the template with that tag and that will do it ?

    Thank you so much I am going to give this a go! 😀

    Hmm I am not finding any stylesheets in that folder am I doing something wrong here?

    I found the StyleSheets, but when I changed the color hexes nothing happened it looked exactly the same. DO I need to copy the template over as well as change the stylesheet, and do I change any of the tags in the PHP I wouldn’t think I would have to. I thought it should clearly just be a CSS issue. Sigh confused.


    you can use your theme style.css and add the css code.

    table.em-calendar { background:#f5a371; }
    table.em-calendar td.eventless-today {}
    table.em-calendar td.eventless{}

    I tried that. I am using a Buro Theme from Woothemes which of course no one can help with as they charge for their support lol. Here is an image of what it is doing maybe that will help? I am at a loss. Would you recommend any other plugin? One with similar functionality with the ability to make the events a page not just posts.I tried The Events Calendar, but they didn’t have the ability to make it a page at least with this theme.


    cant see anything, is it the event list itself, the all white square or the search date picker? do you have a sample link instead?

    Okay I had been working locally with WAMP, but went ahead and published so you could see what was up. I know it is the theme, because as you can see with the other links page it does the same thing. I also included the CSS in a link from a pastebin site so you could look at that. I can not figure out what tag is making it like this , but I know if I could change it I could fix it all lol. Help me Obi Wan!:D


Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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