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  • not atm since Events Manager feature release would be events post However if you can code that would be good

    Plugin Author Marcus


    That plugin should work with EM (seen it work on a few sites)

    I am unable to get this working too. Currently, on all single event pages, it just inherits the <title> tag of the events listing page (which in my case is just “events”). Is there anyway to get the <title> tags to behave in this manner: [EVENT NAME] :: Events :: [SITENAME]

    I could really use some help with this … because if this can get sorted out then i can add things like share buttons to these single event pages.


    @ Chris

    Did you try to use Events Format > Single event page title format and use placeholders.


    Plugin Author Marcus


    someone else reported this in the Pro forums too, will play around with the plugin again and see.

    Last week did check on 2011 theme and it was working fine though.

    Plugin Author Marcus


    i notice that some people might be using the force title rewrite option on the plugin, if so, then you need to include this somewhere, like in your functions.php file in your theme

     * Add compatability for yoast's SEO plugin - force title rewrite option
     * @param unknown_type $title
     * @return unknown|unknown
    function em_yoast_seo_compat($title){
    	global $wpseo_front;
    	$events_page_id = get_option ( 'dbem_events_page' );
    	if ( get_the_ID() != $events_page_id || $events_page_id == 0 ) { return $title; }
    	//if we get here, remove yoast's buffering
    	remove_action('get_header', array($wpseo_front, 'force_rewrite_output_buffer') );
    	remove_action('wp_footer', array($wpseo_front, 'flush_cache') );
    	return $title;
    add_filter( 'wp_title', 'em_yoast_seo_compat' );

    agelonwl: It should be event title (name) format and not <title> tag?

    Chris: Yes, same problem here. My event has name “Event 1”, but on website there is everytime title of main events page:

    <title>Events -</title>
    Also meta description of single event is derived from main events page. It looks like all events are recognized as one main events page.

    Marcus: I do not use force rewrite option. Is there any chance to specify detail title tag, for example (Event name – Event category – Sitename)? I tried also Twenty Eleven, but no change…

    Thank you for your help…

    @marcus thanks so much for your reply on this matter.

    I have not disabled the force rewrite option, I added your function and it didn’t seem to do anything :/ … the <title> tag for any single event page still inherits the title of the parent events listing page, “Events :: [SITENAME]”

    In case it isn’t clear, I’m talking about the <meta> tags here, NOT the page titles that appear in the templates.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Plugin Author Marcus


    actually, I figured it out yesterday (wasn’t testing with actual title formats in the seo plugin settings) it should be fixed in the dev version, and will be in the next update.

    The change is pretty simple actually:


    Thanks for this. Now, is there any way for me to be able to mimic the <title> format that I’ve created with WordPress SEO? Basically, is there a way to add “:: [SITENAME]” to the end of each title tag for events pages? After implementing this fix, its just simply the page title.

    So instead of: “Acoustic blues and roots jam”
    Have it be: “Acoustic blues and roots jam :: [My Website Name]”

    Again, thank you for your help with this. We’re nearly there!

    Plugin Author Marcus


    not right now, but as we’re working on making events custom posts it’ll start working as expected then, there won’t be any functions on our side that rewrite the titles anymore and wordpress can deal with it 🙂

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