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  • While I have the correct timezone set in my WP General settings, when the iCal file ( is used by a Googgle Calendar user, the events are all imported as (GMT+00:00) UTC, and not the correct local timezone. Is there a setting I am missing?

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    are you using the latest EM version? also, did you set Timezone on each event as well?

    Yes on both counts. This problem only occurs on google calendars. It does not appear on outlook calendars.

    I’ve tried it on another site/install. The problem exists on one installation, but when I test it on another installation, on a different host, the problem doesn’t appear.

    Plugin Author Marcus


    It’d be helpful to see some links to both sites, and let us know which is working and which is not.

    Also, please let us know the general WP timezone setting on both blogs.

    Note that Google Calendar (annoyingly) doesn’t import timezone information, although it should import the correct times in UTC relative to the timezone. You can verify this is the case because exporting a Google calendar won’t provide you with individual event timezone info, it’s all UTC/GMT times.

    … and both sites have identical timezone settings (New York)

    If I try to import the events.ics file directly (after saving a copy to my desktop), google returns the error:

    Imported 0 out of 0 events.
    Unable to process your iCal/CSV file.

    This does not happen with the working site. Comparing the ics files side-by-side shows some significant formatting differences between them, while the header of the ics file is identical.

    Resetting Events Manager via admin settings did not resolve the issue.

    Possibly important note, importing single events does not appear to have the problem.

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    Plugin Author Marcus


    Odd, because I’m not seeing any validation errors:

    Also, it imports fine into iCalendar for example (apple). Unfortunately it might just be one of those rare Google nuances, where it could be one character or line it doesn’t like and fails outright.

    Only way to test this is by getting the ical and removing chunks (e.g. start removing 1/2) of events, and working your way down to see which event isn’t getting imported. Given your number of events it may take quite a few tries to whittle it down.

    You could also try removing the timezone definition from the bottom of the ical file, or also try adding this to your wp-config.php to see if that helps:

    define('EM_ICAL_TIMEZONE_SUPPORT', false);

    Plugin Author Marcus


    Update; I reloaded my google calendar page and it turns out your events did import correctly, it just was left hanging when I clicked ‘add to calendar’ after introducing your url.

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