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  • Plugin Author Barry Hughes


    Looks like an issue with ajax loads.

    Can you disable all other plugins and revert to a default, unmodified theme such as Twenty Twelve: does the problem still occur under those conditions?


    I have the same problem on all sites using this plugin. I have the list view as the default. The only time this problem shows up is when I switch to month view, February is missing in the pagination. So I clicked on March, and then I can see February in the pagination.

    Found if I switch to List View I can see Feb’s events.

    I have the same problem, Events for Feb are nowhere in the Calendar page and I deactivated and activated again and there’s no changes.

    The calendar page in site is:

    Thanks for all

    same issue, only with Feb.

    The calendar page is here for me:

    Thanks in advance

    Aie! same here! but if you click on February, wrong info displayed. Click on List view to see what it should be

    I think I have a similar issue. What I seem to have narrowed it down to and like everyone else – this is only for February – it is only showing recurring events – not single day events. If I change a single day event to recurring – it appears. And if I change to list view – everything is there – it is only the month view it doesn’t show up.

    February Month View – Wednesday’s are all recurring events – there are single events on the 1st, 8th, and 22nd not showing up

    March Month View – – Wednesday’s are all recurring events – the 22nd is a single event.

    List view showing everything correctly –

    It keeps saying my events cannot be found..

    FYI – I went in and changed my single day events to recurring because I couldn’t wait for this to be resolved.

    The SAME PROBLEM! Instead of Feb events calendar show the events of March!
    But events possible to see only in List

    I was experiencing the same issue. Just updated the plugin to v. 3.4.1 and it’s working correctly again.

    I’ve updated the plugin but it doesn’t working correctly.

    @courtney How happy you are!

    And good point! Versions…

    But unfortunately, and as I guess for all other here, I’m using the up to date WP 3.8.1 and TEC 3.4.1! (this didn’t occur with previous version…)

    What ever I tried, when in month view, either from Jan or March, Feb disappear from navigation menu:
    1/ From Jan (../events/2014-01), the next month is March (link is ../event/2014-03)
    2/ From March (../events/2014-03), the previous month is STILL March (link is ../event/2014-03)

    If I explicitly tried to navigate to Fev (…/events/2014-02), then the Feb title is correct, but the content is March’s content (including dates, day & events) !

    Theme back to Twenty Thirteen. Other plugins disable… Still the same problem!

    Hey guys, this is a major problem! I know you are only looking here every Wednesday, but here is a serious issue!

    I also tried the workaround proposed here from … but without luck…

    Overall… do you really master your development??? I have been kind to read


    The Events Calendar is crafted the WordPress way.

    The Events Calendar has been audited by many of the industry’s WordPress experts including core developer Mark Jaquith for security & plugin review team member Pippin Williamson for best practices and plugin compatibility. blablabla

    But really doubt as with all updates, a new MAJOR bug is introduce!

    Previous version, the list view suck! OK, so I default to “month view”… But now, while “list view” works, the “month” view doesn’t! are we going to play yoyo forever???

    Yes, very disappointed user, if that care for you… And yes, I know you are only pooling this support’s thread every Wednedays… So what??? Wait next Wednesday, so in February, and see if “problems” will be solved… So what? Wait, and see??? Cross the fingers??? Hum…

    Too bad, as I really appreciated the basis, concept, doc, extension… But at some point, basis also need to work!

    So my question… do you master what you are doing?

    @franck160 and @ilonalipatova,

    I am so sorry to hear that my simple fix didn’t work for you. I am still running WP v3.8 which may be a factor.

    This happened to me before, and I just don’t recall if the fix was tied to a plugin or WP update. I believe December 2013 was being skipped over in the same way that is being reported for February. It was a very slim month of events for us, so I didn’t worry about it too much at the time.

    All this to say that this is the second time that I have experienced this in 3 months. The first time we had some flexibility, but this time it was imperative to get our calendar working again. I second your frustrations, and wish I could offer more.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 27 total)
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