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    Recently I experienced an issue with the way my events are displaying on my website. Nothing has recently changed. The link for my site is this is where I have my events displayed.

    Now when I go to the site without being logged in the system displays the events incorrectly. By this I mean that the events are not correctly represented as the backend.

    Now if I login to the backend of the site as the ADMIN and visit the same page everything displays correctly, As it always had.

    Can someone please shed some light I really need to get this working.

    Thanks in advance.

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    sorry, can you give more details about this please? however did you try to check user capabilities?

    Sorry for the delayed response I didn’t receive email advising that someone responded.

    The events are still only displaying properly when logged in as ADMIN…do you think it is a JS issue?

    Please take a look at the screen shots below:

    Events Page No Login

    Events Page Admin Login



    Can you try disabling all other plugins and reverting to the default theme first to check it’s not a conflict?


    Okay I tried deactivating and resorting to default theme and here are the STRANGE results:

    Default Theme – Side by Side Comparison
    (IE left ‘not logged in’ VS Chrome right ‘logged in’)
    take note that even though i deactivated plugins and changed to default theme it did not change on the left. i cleared cache and refreshed several times all other pages on the site reverted back to default except for the events page.
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    Side by Side Comparison Plugin Deactivated (Events Manager ONLY)
    (IE left ‘not logged in’ VS Chrome right ‘logged in’)

    Side note everything worked great up until a week or so ago. Nothing new was performed that would cause this mix up on our end (At least I think so…lol)

    Plugin Support caimin_nwl


    Which version of WordPress and Events Manager are you using?

    Can you post a live link?

    I’m using wordpress 3.8.1 and Events Manager 5.5.2

    Here is the live link to page click here.

    Thanks again

    Plugin Support caimin_nwl


    Looking again at your first screenshot, I can see CONTENTS in the page.

    That indicates there’s an Events Manager generated events page that’s not being filtered, which is why you’re not seeing the expected events list.

    You might want to double-check all the pages you have set under Events > Settings > Pages.

    Thanks for the reply but I not follow can further explain please.

    Plugin Support caimin_nwl


    I think you may have the page settings wrong under Events > Settings > Pages.

    Do you have the correct events pages selected under Events List/Archive > Events page? It should be the page with the word CONTENTS in it.

    You should also make sure that there’s a page set for each of the four page dropdowns under Events > Settings > Pages > Other Pages. All of those need to be set to different pages and none should be the same as the Events page.

    I checked those settings and everything is in order…will messing around with that I realized that no matter what I do to the EVENTS PAGES in the backend it will not change in the front when I am not logged in as the ADMIN. Those changes do however appear in the browser that I am logged into. It is totally weird cause even when I changed the site to the default theme the only page that did not change was the events page, no matter how much I refreshed or cleared cache. It is really strange, is there a way to completely delete events manager and reinstall clean? If I can in fact do a clean install can I save my current events so I don’t lose them?

    Thank again.

    So I made some changes and here are my findings:

    Not Logged In As Admin
    The page displays with nothing because there is no page created with that link


    if you add a “/” to the end of that URL as such it still displays content from the EVENT MANAGER plugin but there is no /events/ page created so why is this happening.

    Logged In As Admin

    Both of the above links return a “Nothing found” message which is expected.

    Just to see what would happen and I went ahead and create a new page called “EVENT” dropping the “s”. Here are the results:

    Not Logged In As Admin and Logged In As Admin

    The page displays to the correct page with the correct events and the URL automatically adds a “/” at the end.

    So either way it is typed in either or everything works perfectly fine.

    Can anyone advise what is wrong with the /events/ that is causing this issue? Why is it even showing up if there is no /events/ page?

    If you want to see first hand I created a low level user that when signed in will allow you experience the same results

    Username: test
    Password: password

    Plugin Support angelo_nwl


    I tried to login but everything seems okay? Have you tried to temporarily:

    – deactivating all other plugins to see if this resolves the problem. If this works, re-activate the plugins one by one until you find the problematic plugin(s).
    – switching to the default theme to rule out any theme-specific problems

    What do you see when you visit

    Try it both Logged In and Not Logged In (Preferably on a different browser)

    Let me know the results.

    Plugin Support angelo_nwl


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