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  • Hello,

    I’m just getting started with wordpress, migrating an old site running PostNuke over to WP.

    I like that WP can be used as a limited CMS by non-tech-savy users, which is my primary reason for the switch (there are also plenty of other things wrong with PN that I need not delve into here…)

    However, I am in need of some sort of plugin or extension for an events calendar. I am currently using postCalendar, and haven’t found anything that comes close to adequately replacing its functionality. Any suggestions? I’m looking for a full-featured solution rather than just an inelegant hack to show posts dated in the future.

    Alternatively, I am willing to use another package outside of WP, and intergrate it to my WP site. VT calendar stands out as being particularly nice and full-featured.

    If there’s something already out there that will give me the ease of use that WP has in addition to a full-fledged calendar, I’d appreciate knowing about that as well. I have no particular loyalty to WP thus far.

    If anyone’s got any experience with any of these options, please speak up.


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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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