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  • What is the best events plugin for WordPress? I have been using EC3 for some time now but it seems to be abandoned. Gigs Calendar and Events Calendar both appear to be in development. Does anyone have any experiences they would like to share–or, better yet–links to live implementations? What are the (non-obvious) features and limitations of each plugin?

    Thanks everyone!!

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  • EC3 works fine with WP 2.5 and 2.6

    you need the files patched for wordpress 2.5 or later. There is a known problem with rc3 with wordpress 2.5 or later. 🙁

    These are in the SVN at source forge, or a user has made the two critical patched files available in a zip.

    Or, if you prefer, you can download it from sourceforge. (but it’s a
    .tar.gz, so you may have to extract twice if you’re on a windows machine. )

    either way, it fixes a bunch of problem with wordpress 2.6

    The code HAS been updated in the SVN, but Alex Tingle, the owner has not updated the BLOG to show the new version.

    Development continues, and there are other users with SVN access, but not with front end access. If Alex doesn’t show up “soon” someone will doubtless start a fork.

    -_ Rick Boatright

    EC3 with the patch is working fine for me on the WP 2.6 branch. I’ve gotten around the abandonment issue by modifying it to suit my needs. The other calendar plugins, after a bit of testing, seemed a bit too “feature rich” and awkward for me.

    I tried a lot of event plugins. WPNG Google works best, you can use it as a widget, or make a page with it.

    I would like to fork. I have in mind some enhancements.

    It is a pity i discovered the patched version only AFTER having spent 4 hours fixing it myself 🙁

    IMHO EC3 is the best event plugin

    Before deciding to fork, be _VERY CAREFUL_ to think about your available time, and your commitment to the community.

    Also consider what would be involved in handing a fork over to someone else when you get tired of it.

    I would STRONGLY URGE YOU to try contacting Alex Tingle at his various published emails and asking him about that, and about access to the ec3 blog to announce a fork.

    -_ Rick



    With 2.6 it still have problems, even with the fix.

    I guess the problem is with post revisions, since when you save an already published post the POST_ID field changes, but it’s not updated on table ec3_schedule as well.

    what to do ?



    tur off post revisions using one of the plug ins for that purpose

Viewing 7 replies - 31 through 37 (of 37 total)
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