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  • What is the best events plugin for WordPress? I have been using EC3 for some time now but it seems to be abandoned. Gigs Calendar and Events Calendar both appear to be in development. Does anyone have any experiences they would like to share–or, better yet–links to live implementations? What are the (non-obvious) features and limitations of each plugin?

    Thanks everyone!!

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  • The patch works. You have to open two files and ‘cut and paste’ the fix in . Just a few lines of code, so thanks to whoever worked it out.

    Hi kernow, if you can send me a zipped version of the calendar patch it, while Alex Tingle publishes a new version. Since the upgrade my wordpress to version 2.5, I’m having some problems.


    Hi yoeladem, here is the zippled version of the calendar plugin with patch installed. Usual installation applies.

    WordPress 2.5.1 compatible calendar plugin IS HERE

    Thank you kernow, i so lucky now with your patched version, thank you for share!!!

    Thanks kernow your patched version works perfectly, thank you so much.

    Thanks for providing this patched version. I’ve tried it and it works fine with one exception. If I use the widget for the calendar (as opposed to the events list) it doesn’t seem to be “AJAX’d” and when I click on the next month I get a 404 error. Is this a known problem or do I need to set something up.

    Using patched version of EC3, the add events + button doesn’t do anything. Any tips for how to get this to work?

    Hi johnkorr, unfortunately I just pasted in the fix and made it available. I can’t think why there should be a problem, but apparently the plugin author is planning an update, so you may have to wait until then.

    Zota, re the add events button, I’ve just tried it and it works OK for me.Go to settings – EventCalendar and at the top of the calendar page, ensure that you have selected which category your events will be included in when you post.


    I think I had a conflict with some other plugins. Turned everything off, tried again, it works. Thank you for the patched version.

    I’ve got a question for the Gigs Calendar users out there. I love that generating events with the plugin also creates them as posts. However, I’m having an issue with the posts being ‘recognised’ as being part of the category selection in wordpress.

    In the admin pages, on the ‘Manage’ –> ‘Posts’ screen, the total number of posts (in the table of post titles) isn’t correct; WordPress ignores the Gig Calendar posts. If you select the category that the posts are in (Gigs Calendar) from the drop-down menu then the admin screen will show the posts within the category inside the table.

    Once you get this far, you can edit the post content (which I quite like) as I would like to use the description field, excerpt and custom fields for image usage in the theme I’m using. Another symptom is when using a theme that renders a category of posts, selecting the Gig Calendar category doesn’t show any posts.

    I’ve tried this on wordpress v2.3.3 v2.5 and v2.5.1 (using v3.3.3 of Gig Calendar throughout) and I’d love to know if there’s something obvious I’ve missed. File permissions on a certain folder, a clash with another plugin or the inevitable influence of our giant-sized ant overlords.

    Thanks to Kernow have now got ec3 patched and working – one small question….

    the ical download button on the calendar has always and still seems to generate a corrupt ics or vcs file which can’t be imported into outlook 2003.

    Any clues or thoughts?

    Sorry no idea, though hopefully the plugin developer may start to upgrade the plugin again.

    The Luke Howell‘plugin : Events-Calendar v 6.4 is very good too!
    And constantly changing. He has qualities and functions that others did not;)

    There is also a more international new version (6.4.1).
    On my blog:



    Can you please tell me what/where the patch code is on your version?

    For those above who were trying to get my calendar plugin working, there is now a new version out which fixes the 404 problems and negates the need to spread files around your WordPress install.

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