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  • I get this error when I try to access this plugin in dashboard and when I try to display the widget on my blog… How do I fix this??

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  • Link to download the plugin or plugin author’s site, please.

    Same problem here. WP 2.3.3/events-calendar.5.7.10. Was working fine until I started checking the ical function. Clicked that and error showed up. deactivated plugin, deleted entire folder, reinstalled from zip, reactivated plugin, still only get error instead of calendar. events as list seems to work. When I go into the dashboard to manage EC, same fatal error as displayed on page. I see we’re already going on a month. Anyone else looking at this/care?

    Thanks! It’s a production stopper for my client.





    production stopper for your client, eh? Might be time to learn some PHP, or talk to the plugin author.

    I see he has a donate button, clicking those always motivates plugin authors.

    I am trying to squeeze in time to work on these problems, but I am loaded down with school. If anyone wants to take part in this plugin feel free to send me the patches and I will update the plugin. In the mean time I will try my best to find time but I have to put my school first.

    The problem is probably in one of the two places where is used

    @mkdir(ICS_CACHE,0755) or die (“Cannot write Cache Directory for “.ICS_CACHE.”.”);

    either in classes/display.class.php or classes/management.class.php.

    I am a newbie and don’t know what is this “@” before “mkdir”, I have made it never to go there. It is very UGLY workarround, but I do not need external calendar support, and I couldn’t find out how to disable it (by the way is there a way to do this?)
    So I’ve changed




    (you have to read the last one as “never happens” ;))
    Now I have to test to see wether I’ve broken some functionaity. The stupid thing is that iCal options still appear in the calendar management section.

    Could you try the plugin now. I don’t have an option on whether or not to use the external calendar (other than not putting an address there), but it might be added later. Anyone else that had this trouble before try it and let me know. I really could use some input from people running PHP4 as I do not have a server installed with PHP4 yet.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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